Top 13 Graphs (and Images) To Dive Into 2017…

David Arnoux
Dec 12, 2016 · 5 min read

At Growth Tribe we train people on what’s happening now and what’s happening next. I was checking my endless Evernotes this weekend to reflect on which graphs and images had had the most impact for us in 2016. A lot of these insights will shape consumer behaviour, marketing, product development and my general mood for 2017..

Hope you’ll enjoy…

PS: If you have some… please share them at the end in the comments…

1. What’s up next??

Sure they’ve been wrong a few times in the past (big data, cloud computing, mobile)… but Gartner’s hype cycles are a powerful way of visualising which technologies are emerging and where they stand..a quick barometer for technologies you may want to educate yourself on.

(Full resource:

2. Our generation is insane (yes yes I know, this is not a graph..)

This is more qualitative data.. But it illustrates the world we currently live in. Selfies, mobile and a virtual world which has become more important that the real world. Hell, the virtual world IS the real world.


(Full resource:

3. No-one cares about your app…

Having said that… people are using only a limited number of apps/websites in this virtual world…there are 2 million apps in the app store (something like that) yet most time is spent on a limited few.. 12 daily on average. How can you piggyback off of these platforms?

(Full resource:

4. Even if they care…no-one comes back to your app

This makes user retention (getting users to actually come back to your app product or service after a day, a week, a month) super duper hard. It’s what I focus on the most. According to this graph from Leanplum your average app will only have 2% of users coming back after 90 days. What’s your retention like?

(Full resource:

5. No-one cares about your website either..

This has to be my fav’ graph of all time. It shows average page-visit durations for 205,873 different web pages for which they had captured upwards of 10,000 visits. Basically put, 97% of people leave your website after 10 seconds. They either leave fast or stay long.. People have shorter attention spans than goldfish (really it’s been proven).

(Full resource:

6. Your organisation is too slow for tech..

How do you solve the issues above? By leveraging technologies and skills to test stuff fast.. easier said than done… technology is moving too fast for people and organisations to stay relevant.

(Full resource:

7. What’s special about this article?

Just read these articles briefly… what’s special about them?

They were written by computers known as robo-journalists. Associated Press plans to use this technology to write thousands of sports reports, like the one above. Reuters reportedly already use this extensively. We’re entering into the age of robo-journalists, robo-content creators, robo-artists, robo-everything :)

(Full resource:

8. Your job is going to be replaced by algorithms..

McKinsey estimated that approximately 45% of all tasks could be automated with CURRENTLY existing technology. This chart explains the nuances..

(Full resource:

9. Even in you’re a hot-shot marketer..

As you can see… robots are already doing things humans can’t do (programmatic, customisation, predictive lead scoring), creeping into what humans do best (design, copy, creativity..) and will soon be helping with the top left part… strategy.

(Full resource:

10. You are STILL NOT your frikkin’ customer

Love this research by N/N group showing us that people are actually alot less tech savvy that we think…

11. This thing

Just coz it’s 2016 and people are still using shitty passwords…

(Full resource: can’t find it :( )

12. B2B and B2C are still merging

Love how this chart beautifully illustrates a B2B sales flow and how B2C techniques merge with B2B…

(Full resource:

13. And then this thing… coz yeah … we’re screwed

(Full resource:

Hope you enjoyed these!!

Based on these… I made a new sticker for 2017…

Anything I missed??

Please share your favourite graphs of 2016 in the comments!

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Growth Tribe Academy

Sharing the latests tools, trends and tactics on growth, machine learning and the future of education

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