Watch Growth Insights: Episodes 5–8

David Arnoux
Nov 3, 2017 · 1 min read

Here’s the second batch of our growth insights series

(For episodes 1-4 click here)

Episode 5

In this latest episode (number 5 already?!) we’ll be sharing Lead Generation Techniques & Data Visualisation Tools — Growth Insights #5.

Episode 6

In this latest episode we’ll be sharing Data Dashboard & Social Listening Tool hacks and how to utilise them to achieve growth.

Episode 7

Welcome back to Growth Insights! This latest episode asks the burning question — What Tools Do Growth Hackers Use? — Growth Insights #7

Episode 8

With a focus on google Adwords, artificial intelligence tools, geo fences, advanced analytics techniques and Buzzsumo content marketing, Growth Insights #8 takes a look under the hood of Artificial Intelligence Tools & Cold Emailing Tips! Want to automate your Facebook marketing? Stay tuned!

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@darnocks is Head of Growth & Co-founder @growthtribe ( teaching Machine Learning to people who can’t code..on weekends he explores GIFs.

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