GrowthBeats — Why a blog?

Rahul Shetty
Feb 22, 2019 · 2 min read

This publication will be a collection of our experiences. We will share the experiences we have had while building our products. Or lessons learnt while making technology choices. Or the experience of writing high performance, scalable architecture/code and so on.

We were a new team back in August 2015. Apart from the author of this blog and his co-founder, our team joined us out of college. Our experience in products till this time building apps for the Apple ecosystem. And these apps had done well ( extremely!). We ticked all check boxes — revenues, downloads and global media recognition.

With GrowthBeats, we were heading to a new space. For products, we were adding SaaS and PaaS to our existing app skills. Cloud & Web technologies to our mobile development skills. Design? We moved from app design to designing SaaS products & enterprise products. We also did a change of market. We focussed on India.

In the upcoming posts, we will share our experiences while doing this transition and learning new things. The following list is a glimpse of the decisions we had to make ( and could be topics of our upcoming posts)


Do we need to do both iOS & Android or do we go with hybrid?

Do we build our own CMS or retool an existing one?

Is direct sales a good channel to sell SaaS product in India?

Is the Indian SaaS market really price conscious?

How does cold calling work in India?

Is it good time to invest your startup resources in Machine learning?



Cloud tech stack: JavaScript (Node.js) vs Python based


API vs RPC vs Socket vs WebSockets vs streaming data

NoSQL vs SQL or Polygot

IaaS, PaaS, Serverless

How to keep the running cost of a SaaS system low when you are a startup?

Vue.js vs React vs Angular

Server side vs Client side rendering

Website builders vs Bootstrap

JIRA vs Freedcamp

Skype vs Hangout vs Slack

& many more…


SaaS UX design. How is it different?

How do you design a mobile version of a SaaS product?

A CMS workflow design — challenges & triumphs

Pricing page — design lessons learnt


The lessons go on and on. We think it is now a good time to share these lessons. Please visit the GrowthBeats website. From the work that we have done, you might find something interesting. If you want to know more about it, do drop a comment here. We will consider it for our upcoming blogs.

Happy reading!

Team GrowthBeats


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