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Don’t sleep on the middle funnel

You’ve probably heard of these search queries:

Transactional — User wants to buy something, download, sign up

Informational — User wants specific information

Navigational — User wants to go

But these categories neglect something fundamental in the search process…


The flip from desire to action.

And how fast we change our minds.

The informational post can quickly become transactional.

A bit of “research” turns into a buy

The user wants to go one place, but ends up somewhere else

That’s why the middle funnel is really powerful to me: the consideration stage.

It’s one of the few places where the user is looking for one thing and could end up with your product. Very quickly.

They want a new template — and your template converts them into a user.

They want an alternative — and your comparison page converts them into a user.

They want to understand a process — and your how-to guide shows how easy your product is and they become a user.

Don’t sleep on the middle.

Check out my content playbook on this below…

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