1. It’s okay if your homepage isn’t fully optimized. Let your product pages do the heavy lifting for search, and your homepage will show up for your branded terms
  2. But — a lot of links will come to your root domain and homepage. Use that to your advantage by adding a few valuable pages to your homepage. The top nav or footer are popular spots.
  3. If you have links to your blog posts on your homepage, choose wisely. Most recent posts probably aren’t the best. If you feature blog posts, choose popular ones, or ones that are most helpful to solving user problems.

Your homepage is the front door to your product. In general, optimize for conversions rather than SEO.



You shouldn’t do SEO if…

• Your domain authority is low

• You’re in a crowded content market

• Your offerings don’t include services most users would search for

Instead, build your brand:

✅ Record your team discussing key selling points of your product, or share your thoughts on a topic relatable to your audience

✅ Create key takeaways in a blog post

✅Share clips & the video on LinkedIn

✅ Boost your best social posts

Remember: Organic search isn’t for everyone

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My favorite content breaks the funnel.


  • Middle funnel with thousands of searches
  • Top funnel that brings in leads
  • Bottom funnel that consistently ranks #1
  • Thought leadership that is accidentally evergreen

What are you trying?




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