Getting Started With Twitter

So you finally are thinking, “Alright, it’s time to start…maybe I should get a Twitter finally…finally.”

Y E S.

It’s definitely time. So let’s get started:

  1. Start with your name/brand — EX: socialomical (my consulting company)
  2. Look up on Facebook to see if it’s taken — this is like your prime real estate — it needs to be easy and simple to find you.
  3. Look up on Twitter to see if it’s taken
  4. Look up on Instagram to see if it’s taken
  5. These are your prime sites you need to lock down and secure with your unique name.
  6. If you can, use the same exact email for every single one for organization purposes. Also, get ALL of these usernames as quickly as you can.
  7. Consistency matters. You need to make sure that if someone tags you on one platform — it can be recognized on another. EX: When tagging on Instagram → automatically posted to Twitter and uses same tag to find you there.
  8. You always want to maximize your exposure virality. You never know the preference difference amongst mediums on various platforms — you just have to test and figure it out.
  9. Being random or unorganized can sometimes be helpful in content creation as a quick post may be what your followers are interested in vs. intensely thought out content. Spontaneity is nice and a breathe of fresh air.
  10. Make sure when you set it up, you allocate time to making a cover photo, profile photo, and a thoughtful bio.
  11. Always have a link to share — if you are looking for relationship building, I recommend posting your LinkedIn link.
My Twitter Bio: @inababi


  • People want to know who you are and if you are real. Show them through verification.
  • If you were a part of a known organization, put them first and write what you did. EX: Prev. Sales @Visually. VP of growth @Linkedin
  • If it doesn’t fit — write it anyway and go back after you have everything to cut down. (Just like an essay yay!)
  • After verifying where you fall into the capitalist puzzle (LOL ok sorry had to…), write about your qualifications, who you are, what you like, etc.
  • This is where you can slide in your personality. EX: Car enthusiast, Lyrical Poet, #rap #RespectTheUnderground #AZ #JrodTheProblem
  • Use a location. People will actually find you this way as well and can spark conversations.
  • If you are confident enough in your age, post it. Fuck it. Who cares anyway.
  • The entire goal of this “Twitter” shindig is to spark conversation and to share who you are/what you are all about.
My Cover Photo

Don’t forget to have a captivating cover photo. It doesn’t need to be sophisticated. It can be something simple like mine.

I use my cover photo to show my personality and what I believe in visually. If you can’t connect with my bio, then you might dig my cover photo. If not, then it wasn’t meant to be.

Don’t change your cover photo constantly if it’s your own personal branding page. (or just you)

You want people to remember you and associate yourself with an image. Shortcut? A positive image of sort.

Positive associations with you = positive emotions towards you

What Else Do I Need?

  • You need to make some content for your Twitter. (You can reshare on other sites but make some exclusive to your Twitter followers.)
  • Use freemium software to design content if you don’t have the fancy stuff: (It’s badass — don’t worry)
  • Grow your following on a budget: (use free until you want to pay $10/mo — it’s worth it)
  • Want to start learning how to automate things?It’s free and amazing.

What Type Of Content Do I Post?

Get creative. This is your platform and your channel. What do you want people to read when they read you? lol

It’s simple yet complicated. There is no true answer to this question.

Here are a few basic types to get you started:

  1. Normal text.

2. Emotions + Emojis.

3. Replies to messages in this form: .@ → the (.) is very important and makes it a public message via timeline

4. Retweets of other people tweeting about you. (OBVI — the favorite)

5. Thanking people for shoutouts on your page or company’s page. Mix it up with people thanking. If you have other team members, they can do this too to stir up different types of viewers.

6. Automated pictures from Instagram. (Notice: how my friend @hipsterhikes doesn’t have his name on Twitter and now I look silly with the automated post hehe)

7. Articles you read or highlighted articles from

8. Sports rants (because I love sports) and the Panthers.

9. Industry/job related/industry related tweets that show an inside look/feel into what you do/who you are.

10. Promotional tweets that provide some context and value to followers.

11. Cannot forget the gifs too.

Next in our branding series will be about automation and growing your following. Here is the first installment of the series:

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