Job Hunting: The Ongoing Journey

Satisfaction is a feeling we crave and demand. Demand has become necessity in recent years.

While job hunting may seem temporary, it really is not whatsoever.

Every person we meet, dine with, become acquaintances with, work with — are all opportunities we can take advantage of when the time is right.

The key part of this: when the time is right.

I Have A Job But That Isn’t Enough

It is unbelievable to see the amount of talented friends getting laid off due to budget cuts, fired for minuscule mistakes, or seeking new jobs because they want more creative freedom.

It’s no surprise to see this in the economy we are in but now it seems as though we are hitting a generational peak where millennials have started to see their worth. Many I know that were laid off, took the news with ease and some even took vacations. Others that were fired laughed it off because it was for a mistake (in a corporate environment) that would have easily been shrugged off in a startup environment. And for the friends seeking new jobs because they want more out of life: fuck yeah.

We are taught to be the hamster in the hamster wheel. Yet, we have much more information than the traditional hamster in the hamster wheel — call us, Hamster 2.0.

We are seeking much more than the status quo and while we don’t expect or squeal at “perks”, we will certainly eat all the Cheeto balls you have to offer.

What do employers have to offer to enrich our life? What are they willing to provide to make us want to dedicate more than 40 hrs/wk? Are they willing to adapt to our lifestyle and care about our ideas/businesses/outside influences?

How do we know when the time is right?

Trends I Have Seen In Recruitment

Since I started recruiting in 2013, I’ve repeatedly seen trends amongst millennials and gen-z candidates. (Gen110 / REPOWER by Solar Universe)

Looking for:

  • A place to call home (Culture Fit)
  • Freedom of expression (Creative freedom)
  • Growth Opportunities (Career Growth)
  • Enough money to pay bills + opportunity to earn more based on performance

Aside from recruiting in solar, I have seen almost the exact same results with other positions i’ve recruited for. If it didn’t workout, it was because one of these areas wasn’t sufficient enough.

It all comes down to whether or not the timing is right.

Recruiters know that recruiting cannot be rushed nor can it be accurately timed.

Tip to recruiters: You can guess to the best of your ability and out hustle everyone around you but effort matters most in the equation.

Tip to hunters: It’s helpful to know what exactly recruiters are looking for when you are hunting. You may be the perfect candidate but if they are looking for the “other” factor that they aren’t sharing with you, don’t feel inadequate.

Sometimes, the candidate will never be you and that is okay.

What matters most? The effort you put into your application and pursuit to connection.

What Can I Do About It? (Takeaways)

  • If you aren’t happy with your job, get out.
  • Satisfaction is a necessity and you deserve it.
  • Don’t be a hamster in the hamster wheel — get curious, ask questions, learn more, and don’t settle for anything.
  • Confidence is sexy, rock it.
  • When job hunting, think of your ideal scenario — what does it look like, feel like.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask friends for recommendations.
  • If you are feeling stuck, get back to the drawing board — your effort matters most. Keep going!
  • If you feel like you are on a constant job hunt, breathe — it’s okay. We are all here with you and on our journey to our dream job/career.
  • Join a referral network — you’ll thank me later —, right Albert Qian?

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Salina Mendoza