What is a Growth Master?


The fastest growing companies in the world have figured out that growth is not just about user acquisition; rather, it’s a full-company effort working across all stages of the customer journey. This type of cross-functional cooperation is not easy, which is why the growth master role has emerged as the key role for executing a cross-functional growth process.

What does a Growth Master do?

The goal of the growth master is to get all of the disparate parts of the company working effectively together to drive growth. One of the keys to getting different parts of the company working together is to define a common success metric. Growth teams refer to this metric as the North Star Metric (NSM).

Your NSM should reflect the aggregate value delivered to customers. Value drives customer retention, which is a prerequisite for generating sustainable growth. For example, Airbnb’s NSM is the number of nights booked. Their core value is connecting people who need a place with people who can host. This valuable experience drives repeat usage for both hosts and guests.

The growth master works with their growth team to plan and implement tests to improve the growth of this metric. Generally, the more tests a team runs, the faster they discover effective ways to accelerate the NSM.

The Weekly Growth Meeting

The most important part of the week for the growth master is the weekly growth meeting. There are a number of things that happen in this meeting:

  1. The team looks at overall progress in growth of the NSM.
  2. Testing is planned to improve the NSM.
  3. High leverage growth objectives are communicated and the growth master encourages their team to generate ideas around these objectives.
  4. Nominated ideas are discussed and decisions are made on which ideas will be tested based on the team’s available resources.

The growth master role is not an easy one, but it is extremely important. Often, growth is a function of maintaining a cadence of testing, and keeping the team focused on the best opportunities for that testing.

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