Adopting The “Sh!t Happens” Mindset.

This is the beginning of the second month for this series. I’m trying to constantly adjust to the writing style you guys prefer so, you’re always welcome to add your suggestions in the comment section at the end of this article.


This series of articles have nothing to do with demonstrating how awesome we are. It’s all about acknowledgment & realization.

Lately, I’ve started working more on my writing skills and also being more active on my social media accounts (especially on my Instagram account, so make sure you follow me!).

Our prelaunch for “The Ultimate Introduction To Growth Hacking” is still on, so if you want to learn how to become a growth hacker, make sure to join us right now!

Now, that I’ve finished my promotional outburst it’s time to cut right to the chase; The learnings.

Weeks come and go and,

Whether things are good or bad for us (and you), there’s a singular thing that remains common over these weeks, months or years: Knowledge!

But the format I used to present you our learnings, doesn’t satisfy me anymore, so in this one, I’ll try something new.

So what are the things we learned last week?

The truth is that I wasn’t as synched as I’d like to be last week due to being sick (I still am). So, I couldn’t really get the vibe from the office in order to pass it to you.

From the things I’ve experienced, the previous week was an extremely busy one ( and which one isn’t). But the great thing is that people of our team had got one step closer to doing the things that express them more.

That’s an opportunity kindly provided by Thomas Lekkakos (he’s the new official GrowthRocker) & our youngsters John Argyris and Joanna Krioni, who are doing all of the dirty work. We couldn’t be more thankful to those awesome young folks.

That song is for you (I was inspired by the title):

If you’re familiar with GrowthRocks, then you probably know I’m considered the “content” guy. Working from home, gave me the time to dig a bit deeper on what makes great content stand out.

If you’re not familiar with Casey Neistat, he’s a bootstrap filmmaker, a vlogger & overall, a very inspiring person.

I studied a lot the way he presents things, which can be captured in a thing he said in a video:

“It’s not about the format, not about the words you use, or how well you speak the language. It’s all about the story. If you don’t have a story, nobody will come.”

The bottom line is that people relate to & enjoy stories more than just a lifeless articles. The way you’re going to structure your story though depends on who’s your audience.

Oh, and here’s an amazing short movie that Casey did for Nike:

Frustration is a haunting feeling we all get from time to time. We all become sick & tired of doing minor things, being unable to reach our goals etc.

If it’s any help, you have to realize that sh!t happens!

If there’s an influential figure that had my attention the past most, that would be Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s -I’m using his own words, “Hustler & CEO” at VaynerMedia.

He published another book that’s a compilation of Q&A he did with his following through his YouTube channel.

This is not at any case a sponsored thing. I just endorse the book!

So, this guy helped me to adopt the “sh!t happens” mindset. We all need to see that the good and bad things brought us to where we are.

If it wasn’t for your stupid decisions or superb achievements, you wouldn’t approach the future the same way you’re doing it right now.

Plus, you wouldn’t probably be reading this article. So, to recap:

You should not focus on the small things that go wrong. Instead, you should constantly watch where your overall efforts brought you, from the start of the journey up to date.

Are you familiar with Pablo Picasso’s quote “Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal”?

That’s a good one! If there’s something that defines us as a team is reading a lot, and reading leads to more reading.

There are 2 reasons I brought up Picasso’s quote (sorry but if you’re not familiar with who Pablo Picasso is, then you’re either a time-traveller from the past or a complete fool);

The first reason has to do with us being passionate about the idea of treating everything we do in an artistic way.

So great artists steal, right?-Yes they do!

Many of the companies we admire have this “read a book every week” unwritten law. As we constantly try to build our company’s culture, we decided to steal that “law”. It works fine for me.

Under this “read a book every week” principle, Peter who’s a growth engineer at GrowthRocks and also former Lead Engineer at Viral-Loops ( a connected to GrowthRocks venture), started reading “Steal like An Artist” by Austin Kleon.

This is not at any case a sponsored thing. Peter just endorses this book!

When finished, I asked him if the book helped him develop a new mindset. The answer wasn’t anything groundbreaking.

As I said earlier, the goal of this whole series is not to be groundbreaking, to begin with.

These articles have to do with acknowledging & realizing things.

When you start doing something, you better do it like the Pros as there is a good reason why they do things the way they do. From there, there’s room to develop your own character.

If I could make a time-lapse (I will, and I’ll make sure to add it in next week’s post) of the things that happen during the day in our office, you could easily understand that chaos is always on the verge to prevail.

“Chaos” might sound extreme, but extreme words and situations are the ones that push us one step forward.

We’re an agency, so we’re on the B2B side of the wall. That means that there’s should be a special place in our hearts for each and every one of our customers.

In B2B, ff your client’s business is considered to be their baby, you have to be the godfather.

Although I’m heavily into generating content, I’m also very hands-on with our clients. There’s a thing that I kept thinking that never spoke about until Emmanouela Coralia pointed it out.

There’s a gap between the way we and our clients do things. There’s always been and there will alway be.

That gap has either draw us or our clients, back in terms of planning and time. The aftermath is that,

Allocating time to learn the customers and how they work will save a lot of time and wrong planning.

I bet that this might be one of the most challenging issues one has to overcome in the B2B world.

Bringing results for a customer might be the end goal but you can’t score If you don’t know to whom you’re passing the ball & when to do it.

Give people in front of you some time. It really matters, not only to the goals but for both people on your and your client’s end.

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