Fish for the ‘whoppers’ while everyone else is competing for ‘bait’ fish

Moving from overworked to — less hours, more freedom and same income

Double your earnings in half the time.

After all, it’s human nature. To want something for nothing. A nice body without any effort. A happy life without the bad days. More money with less work.

All deep routed desires of people. Whether we admit it or not. Everyone wants his or her desired goals without the required effort.

We can all relate to more money with less work.

Now. There is a way of achieving a such a lofty goal. If, you approach it from the right angle.

Get these things in order first. Only then do you increase your odds of succeeding.

At times you get lucky. Other times — you don’t.

It’s like going fishing with a hook and no bait. Yet still catching a fish.

Fishing for more money with less work.

What I just described is one of my prouder moments of my short love affair with fishing. The house I grew up in. There was a small, practically unused lake across the road.

There were only a few species of fish in this lake. Many were small and easy to catch. There was a few large carp but you never so much of them.

One day, while bored and looking for some entertainment. I grabbed a rod and headed across the road. Speaking to few a fishermen a few days prior. He showed me how to create my own bait. It consisted primarily of household food items.

That day, I set up my rod on the bank Next, I went ahead created this unique blend of ingredients.

After much mixing, the result looked like porridge. With exact same consistency.

In other words, nothing stuck to the god-damn hook.

Ah well. I started firing the ‘bait’ into the water. At least the fish would get a free meal from my bad luck.

Seeing as my rod was already set up. I decided to make one cast before setting off home. The hook and weight landed roughly where I fired the porridge mixture previously.

… The rig sink down. Once it hit the bed of the lake. I jerked at the line. Started reeling in the slack. Jerked again. Reeled.

… Jerked…. and BAM. A fish. How?

I had him in. In no time.

The funny thing. I caught him right in the mouth. What was the possibility of this happening?

Against all odds. I hit my goal of catching a fish.

Cut your workday in half and still make the same money.

… If only we could be so lucky in our day-to-day lives. That was my good luck for the year in those brief few moments. I haven’t tried to recreate the situation since.

When it comes to creating more money in less time. It’s all about producing. It’s not the time we spend ‘fishing’. It’s the amount of fish you catch.

The amount of completed work you create. The results captured… in the allotted time.

Give yourself less time to create a pre-determined amount of work. And follow through.

Do that and your earnings per hour go up. As does your free time.

Instead of spending 8 hours to catch two fish. What if you caught two in four hours…

…How could you achieve that or the likelihood of that happening?

Bring two rods instead of one.

Even three rod.

Or try fishing when the fish are hungrier or when it’s their breakfast time.

… It’s a way of working smarter. Not harder. Results focused if you will.

There are no guarantees it will work. It’s counter-intuitive. By using that grey-mass between your ears… you can come up with strategies.

Block time, eliminate distractions and do only what’s most important… that is if you want to be productive.

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