Why it’s taking you so long to start that business

So you want to be an entrepreneur, who doesn’t? Today we have some of the most ingenious businesses that have ever existed. They didn’t just succeed, they changed life as we know it. They influenced people all over the world. I could mention Facebook and the Maasai in rural plains of Kenya would know what am talking about. I could talk about sms and a 7 year old would look at me and go like “Is it like WhatsApp?” Yeah, text messaging as we used to know it,is dead. More and more people have come up with solutions to make our daily lives easier and changed the conversations we have today. The lives we live today.The craziest part is that these businesses born out of problems that we all face and ultimately someone clever just sat down and came up with the simplest solution to it and then executed it. The process is the hard part not the idea, and this is why it’s taking you so long to start “that” Business.

We don’t all have dreams to become Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. Our dreams are more humble and hit home. You’ve been teaching accounts when you’d rather start your own consultancy. You’ve been writing since you could remember and all you want is to write a break out novel. Something that will define all your years of penmanship. You’ve worked for a brewery but you want open your own liquor shop or you want to quit selling cars and start a tours and travels agency. The list is endless. We crave these things, think about it day and night; so why has it been three years already?

I’ve been thinking about it and here are a few reasons why I think it’s taking so long (but why it shouldn’t):


There’s security in your job. In knowing the bills will be paid on time. You can buy your groceries as planned,go for a movie or a date at the time of your choosing. Buy a pair of shoes you just spotted in the window and spend a bit on a night out with friends. But the reason we hang on to mediocre jobs and dissatisfactory positions at work is because most of all, it’s safe.

It’s safer when you know you can count on some money at the end of every month to cover you. I mean even if you owed a friend some cash and had a paycheck you were counting on,let’s face it he’ll be more forthcoming to lend you that cash. They relax when you say “am just waiting on my check then I’ll sort you” rather than “am expecting some money” which is what entrepreneurs say.


My father is an entrepreneur and I can tell you as much as people admire business owners it’s very hard to keep a business running let alone do it successfully. You have to deal with suppliers, employees, the bank and a ton of other stuff. The landlord who needs his rent on time, the school which needs fees to be paid and your car needs to be serviced urgently.The work life balance is a real challenge. In business you need to be resilient and that means taking failure like a champ before you reach success.


How many times do you quit something even before you try because you don’t think you can do it as well as someone you know? How many times do we replay humiliating situations over and over before we make the decision to “let it go”. How many times do we relive the moment when we failed miserably at something we love. If there’s something I’m coming to learn is that we should trust ourselves. Trust yourself to fail and also to succeed. The failure is when you don’t learn the lesson,otherwise you haven’t failed. You just learned a very important lesson and chances are it will propel your success.


I will do it tomorrow. From next month am going to start working on it. It’s just not the right time, or you get sidetracked altogether. You start thinking of a new business because maybe what you were thinking about is impractical or too expensive or no one will buy into it right? It’s the fear of failure talking, don’t let it win.


I think I should have started with this. Starting your business is not a priority. You decided to spend your savings to buy a more expensive car just because you had the money; even it had been saved to buy those baking supplies you need to start your catering business. If you don’t make your dreams a priority who will?Most of us talk about doing things but all we do is talk.

In my experience my husband left his hometown six years ago and did a complete career change. He liked cars and so he decided to leave a lucrative marketing job and dived into car dealership. He’s been happy for about 4 of those years until he realized he wasn’t meant to be employed he was meant to be his own boss. He’d learned a lot on the job and for the past two he’s been building on a few ideas and we’ve decided to go with a tours and travel agency that focuses on camping. He has a passion for cars and outdoor lifestyle. Am his main ‘man’ am doing brochures and marketing. He’s doing the sales. We finally decided to start even without savings. With the internet these days you can do a lot with a laptop and WiFi.

Start with what you have and move from there. If you wait until everything is perfect it never will be and you’ll never start.