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5 tips to assist you to alleviate your screen time

Trying to gobble down that headache tablet made me realize that it is high time I take some major steps against it. In the era of digitalization when the virtual world is more appealing to us than the real world, most of our time is spent looking at the screens- be it phone, laptop, or television. And what do we end up with? Headaches, sore eyes, a promise to reduce the screen time, and yes, a lot of regrets. But the next day we are still at the same point struggling to reduce the screen time.

After that headache had left my brain, I started looking for tips that would help to minimize screen time!! So, here I am sharing those tips with you to assist you to lessen the time you spend on your screens.

1. Limit your time

Set up usage limits for your phone or particular apps which you end up spending a lot of time on. A lot of phones come with this inbuilt feature and if it doesn’t get one from the app store. Most of the time we are unaware of the enormous amount of time that we have spent scrolling through those feeds. Hence, getting to know about it would bring about a good realization. But make sure you adhere to the limits you have set and just don’t ignore the limit uselessly.

2. Eat your meals without a screen.

Meal or snack breaks appear to be the best time to catch up to your favorite show or the news. A lot of times you just take your meals according to particular show timings. And you end up eating more and enjoying less of your food. So, instead of using meal breaks to catch up with shows, take it as an opportunity to cut off from those screens. Instead, try having meals at the dining table with your family or friends.

3. It’s time to leave the comforts of your bed!!

Be it watching a show or doing your work, the comfort of your bed can increase your screen time. You just end up working more lazily and slowly on the bed and as as result spend much more time staring at the screen than you should. Rather, try sitting on a study desk while using your laptops. It will increase your work efficiency and you will complete your work much faster!!

4. Take up a hobby!!

It is one of the best ways to reduce your screen time!! Instead of binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix, try painting your favorite movie character. Instead of watching recipes on youtube, try cooking a meal for yourself. Get out in your garden and spend some time with those plants. Read a book or write your heart out, try all those DIYs you have been watching. There are a million things you could do instead of staring at that screen all day.

5. It’s time to give your phone a makeover.

Yes. Uninstall all the unwanted applications from your phone. Mute the notifications for those social media apps. Unwanted apps distract you apart from taking up space on your phone. Notifications are tempting and are the baits to get you on your phones. Set your phone to dark mode to reduce the pressure on your eyes. Keep only the important apps on your home page. Push all the social media or less important apps to the last pages so that it’s away from your site ( you must have heard of ‘out of sight, out of mind’).

Apart from all these tips, it will take a great deal of your willpower to get away from the screens. In a time when we are so dependant on our phones and laptops, it is going to be a challenging task. But yes, you can’t just give up without trying. So, keep smiling and keep trying!!

Written By Shubhangi for The Growup Group



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