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“Home is where I work, and I work everywhere!”

Wouldn’t that life be exciting where you do not have to wait for weekends to spend time with your family or to watch your favorite actor’s movie? Wouldn’t that be a miracle when you don’t have to wait in long traffic or huge metro queues? So, the only way for this life is ‘Work-from-home’ a.k.a. ‘Remote working’. Work from home is the type of work arrangement in which one does not have to be physically present at the workplace to work. In short, ‘If a virtual connection is present, then everything is present.’

Now, below are the benefits of work-from-home:

  • Flexible schedule: “You have to work according to this schedule and strictly follow the deadlines.” Aren’t these words scary? No one is ever comfortable in working according to under other’s deadlines and schedules. But work from home gives employees a different opportunity to create and work according to their schedule and with flexibility.
  • Free from Distractions: Work-from-home is a Virtual working cubicle away from the distractions of the traditional office environment. Regular meetings and conferences pile up all the more responsibilities and secondary tasks. It enables you to avoid co-workers’ arguments and debates. The horns blowing outside the window, the ACS not working properly make things more hectic.
  • Avoid traffic and crowd: Everyone wants and needs to earn more and more money but at the cost of regular endless traffic jams. The revert is a big NO. So, Work-from-home helps in avoiding long traffic jams and loud honking. In case you use public transport to commute to your offices, it’s all the more tiring. The long queues for metro tokens, the huge crowd inside buses reduces the work efficiency. Various research studies have shown that long traffic jams have miserable impacts on the work and further in the economic growth of a nation.
  • More time with family: Some of you must have become so engrossed in your offices that it makes impossible for you to take your children on vacation or spend time with your family. Regular 9 to 5 jobs never give a person a chance to spend quality time with your partners. So, this is what work-from-home is there for. Now, pick up your child from school, cook favorite cuisines! And That is how Remote working helps in creating a work-life balance.
  • Health benefits: People who work from home lives less stressful lives. They have an easier time eating healthy food. It helps to strike a good health-good income balance. Those who work in a traditional office might skip his meal amidst his huge burden of work. According to the study in 2011, it is evident that people who work from home experience 25% less stress. Work from home can even help you in constructing a comfortable work environment for yourself.
  • Empowerment: Long working hours away from home contributes majorly for women not working. They have to give up on their professions to raise their children and taking care of their families. Work-from-home brings ample opportunities for those women to work personally and professionally simultaneously. Secondly, work-from-home will also motivate all the differently-abled talented persons who always avoided working because of long distances. Thus, work-from-home will result in their inclusiveness in the corporate world.
  • Saves money: Many of you must be living away from your homes just for the sake of earning. This must add up to the total cost of accommodation, food and travel expenses to your homes. On the other hand, work-from-home relieves you from these huge expenses and you can live and earn in the same city.
  • Comfortable Environment: Last but not least, Work-from-home offers you to work in a comfortable home environment. From Bed to bed, in cozy clothes and blanket on child morning with a laptop. Isn’t that always been a fantasy for many? With similarly designed office cubicles, everyone cannot adjust themselves and work in every condition. Thus, Remote working offers you an environment in which you can work the best.

‘Remote Working’ is the future of corporates that will stay with us in times to come.’

It is always misinterpreted that remote working is a boon for employees. But no. of benefits it has for employers are always underestimated. So, let’s unfurl a few benefits of it from the employers’ point of view:

  • Reduced overhead cost: In a traditional office culture, there is a huge overhead cost that is to be borne by the employers. The expenses of managing huge employees i.e. well-furnished offices, rents, installation of computers, electricity bills and many more can be avoided in the case of work-from-home. In this case, required is just a computer and internet connection. Further, reduced costs lead to increased profit for the firm.
  • Reduction in labor turnover: Employees working from the comfort of their homes, spending a good time with their family, working with flexibility. Isn’t that what every employee needs? Therefore, it will increase the job satisfaction of the employees and reduces labor turnover. It is beneficial for the employers as they do not have to carry on with the tedious process of hiring.
  • More productivity: Work from home reduces the stress of commuting and meeting the deadlines of your boss. Therefore reduced stress and tension helps in boosting up the performance and increasing productivity.

Written By: ketanrj99 for Growup Technologies



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