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How to explain to your family the work from home culture?

About one in every five people are known to be working from home and the statistics are growing. A lot of companies today are hiring Virtual Assistants because they are more economical and productive. Work from home creates an inclusive workplace scenario that becomes was only a dream in the job market before. People with disabilities, students, working single parents and everyone can work and live their busy lives. Because of the internet and social network, it is now possible to hire an employee living in any part of the world.

It is clear to us by now that work from home is the future that we are all walking towards. Work from home saves up time and money because it cuts the travel and infrastructure element of business right out of the picture. It is is a good deal for both the employee and the employer.

But the question that lies ahead of us, is that will our parents understand this culture and its benefits as we do? The answer for most students might be no and that’s because there is a huge difference in values between them and us.

Most of us know what their idea of work is. We have heard stories about them entering the job market and working their way up from a low-level job. How difficult it was for them to travel 5 am in the morning and get to their job where not only did they do mental work but also physical work. So the fact that isn’t how it works any more can be difficult for them to understand.

Here are a few tips for you:

#Explain to them how economical you are being!

The trope that often falls on the younger generation is how careless they are with money. Work from home means you are saving up on travel and time. That money can be used to invest in new ventures and capital.

#Take care of your health.

The number one need for any parent would be their child’s health. As a work from a home employee makes sure to go out of your house and be physically and mentally active. It is possible that you become extremely secluded from the world and just stay at home, such a lifestyle can lead to serious health problems.

Once your parents realize that you are still social, physically active and happy they would recognize and respect your choice.

#Make them a part of your life

There might be a huge gap between you and your parents, but there is no gap that communication cannot conquer. So the very simple solution is to just talk. Talk to them about your day and successes and your failures. Tell them about your job like you would if you were working a conventional 9–5 desk job. Take them out for dinner and travel so that there is quality time spent between you two.

#Listen to your parents.

A phrase we have all heard before but it really does help. It might be hard, but don’t shut them out when they are trying to talk to you. You might feel like they don’t have a point, but they could. Understand where their worries and objections come from. Once you listen and understand it would easier to soothe their worries.

The very old saying that says you should treat someone the way you want to be treated refers also to your parents. If you want them to listen to you, you can do the same with them.


For our parents, we might still be kids which means they will continue to treat us like that unless we prove otherwise. So do you research before entering a particular job. Understand the particular requirements of a job and why they cater to your needs. Showcase yourself as a driven talented individual that you really are!

In the end, keep in mind that all of these steps require patience and determination so do not give up hope. Once you know that your parents want the best for you, it’s easier to remain determined. Keep in mind that even if your parents don’t quite understand your job it does not mean that you need to cut ties with them. Part of the work from home culture is also to understand Life is more than a job and their involvement in your life is integral.

Written By: Asmita Seth for The Growup Group



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