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How to start a tech startup as a non-tech founder?

Companies like Airbnb, Tinder, Pinterest, and Pandora had two things similar, and that was first they were all tech startups, and secondly, they had a non-tech founder. Tim Westergren, who started his career as an award-winning musician launched Pandora. The co-founder of Airbnb came from an industrial designing background and Ben Silbermann, co-founder of Pinterest had an educational background in political science.

This surely gives all aspiring entrepreneurs an empty well to fill. Let’s look at the various ways to start a tech startup as a non-tech founder:

  1. Knowing your potential customers — It’s advisable to keep your audience in the loop from the initial stages to know their requirements. It will also help in improving the product through iterative stages to become a customer-centric product. Questions like Will my product solve a bigger problem? Will customers be interested in buying the final product? Can the product survive in a dynamic environment? needs to be asked constantly to get constructive feedback and meet market demands.
  2. Finding a CTO — Look for a technical co-founder or a Chief Technological Officer for your start-up. A CTO can help build a technical roadmap along with a business strategy. A knowledgeable CTO will avoid artificial harmony( i.e will not agree to whatever you say) and will challenge your plans in line with the product. His technical acumen will help make the product more viable, available, and affordable to the customers.

3. Building a reliable network — An entrepreneurial ecosystem will make you aware of the market trends and accelerator programs can help you connect with corporates. They can help you benchmark your company against various startups and can provide positive signaling. Getting an accelerator or incubator is icing on the cake, however, if one doesn’t find these still the startup can reach heights.

4. Areas of expertise — It is important for a founder to know the skills he possesses and the skills that he needs to outsource. One cannot be competent in all domains of business, therefore it becomes vital to hire a skilled team either directly or through virtual assistant agencies. The team must possess individuals with different abilities to complement the ultimate goal of the business.

Starting a company is tedious, stressful, and full of challenges and especially if you are not from a technical background. What’s important to know as a founder is the basic terms of technology. As technology keeps on changing, it is important to keep the product or service in trend. Tech startups require patience but after some time of devotion and dedication, they will surely yield huge profits.

Written By: Mani for The Growup Group



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