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Quarantined with your pet? Let’s keep them cheerful!

Maintaining social distance? Scared to be around humans? Yes, we’re all keeping away from our favorite humans, missing the sense of touch. But you know what’s to be grateful for? Most of the animals don’t catch this virus. You can still cuddle with your best friend, your pet! After all, it’s the humans that can harm us. Pets, all they need is your love and time, and what you get in return? Double love and affection. Maybe you are fed up of staying at home all day, but your pet or pets are the happiest creatures to have you with them 24*7. So why not make the most out of this time for your animals!

1. Play around

Amidst the monotonous quarantine period, lying on your couch all day, scrolling through Instagram, will only make you more lethargic. Isn’t it better to do something which will not only be enjoyable for you, but will also make your pet feel delighted? Play around with your pet but stay indoors or go to your terrace/balcony. Throw a ball and let your dog catch it. Hide your pet’s food and let it smell and find them all. Use your creativity and keep your pet involved. Use some pet toys to keep them engaged. This will not only entertain the both of you but also boost up your pet’s physical strength. Plus this is a good alternative to the walks in the parks.

2. Where to poop?

If your pet was in a habit of pooping outside when you go for a walk, then this is a big concern for both. Your dog or pet might be wondering where to poop and not finding any place, might poop anywhere in the apartment giving you a lot of trouble. So, here’s an advice, train it beforehand. Create a new place for your pet, maybe cover it with newspapers, carton, or fake grass. Take your pet to that place at its excretion time. Teach it and take it regularly to the place at his time of discharge.

3. Train Your Pet

If you’re one of those pet owners who wanted a well-trained pet but was always busy with work and the running life, then this is the perfect time to train. For example, initially teach your dog some basic commands like sit, heel, down, stay, leave it. Don’t forget to reward him whenever he makes you proud. Do not give up if he fails at any command. Train him about all the house rules. Make your pet an alert pet in this quarantine. Always end your tutoring on a positive note. Pet him or treat him after the training to keep him excited.

4. Spend Time

Instead of spending all your time on the phone or TV, spend most of it with your cute little pet, who will mesmerize you with their adorable love. You’ll feel a lot more energetic and optimistic by absorbing all the positivity your pet emits to you. Every day you used to go to work and come back home late, your loyal little waits for you for hours. Now seeing you around all the time gets him all sparkled up. So don’t waste it. Sit with your pet. Take proper care and groom it well. Give your puppy or kittie all your love and you’ll receive much more in return because they’ll never betray you.

5. Feed Them and keep an eye on their health

All of us miss those delicious restaurant dishes right now. But make sure your pet doesn’t and get his proper meals. Staying indoors, your pet is more affected than you. Since your dog can’t go out and feed itself, it depends on you for food. Keep a check that along with your groceries, you have your pet’s necessity items stocked up as well and do feed it on time and with a lot of love. It’s important to also look after his health. Maybe just like you, staying at the same place all-day can depress him as well. So, make sure you keep him happy and don’t miss his regular vet check-ups. If it is not possible to take him to a vet, try and call your vet home keeping all your distance.

Along with all this don’t forget about all those helpless animals on your street. With no movement out, they might not be getting anything to eat. Make it your responsibility to provide them with food. Be it leftovers or some chapatis. It is us who can read this, have brought these dreadful times upon us, therefore, it shouldn’t be them who should suffer. We’ve been selfish to protect our needs, and in result, we’ve destroyed this place. But your pets and all those animals around you, never failed to be loyal to you. So, it’s time you look after them.

Written by Aditi Gulati for The Growup Group




Growup Group is an established and creative New Delhi based — Remote Employees Service Provider. We are pioneers in outsourcing the right human resource agnostic of the client’s geo- location in the space of Marketing, Sales, Administrative, recurring and mundane tasks.

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