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Remote Working: Is the Nation Ready Yet?

Remote work is the future of work

This is a statement you can find easily on the internet any day. The flexibility that a remote job is offering has led to a tremendous increase in its popularity and according to professionals it is ready to become the future of work. The early mornings, the traffics and the office chair sounds outdated to new-age remote workers who prefer the comfort of their beds to work. There’s no doubt remote working has been a boon to people living in the lesser-known cities and came as a perfect opportunity for them to work and learn. Apart from that, in remote work, the only criteria for judging a person is their work. The point here is that remote work does offer some amazing work benefits that are inevitable for any person.

But we all are well-aware of how diverse a nation India is. So, my concern here is that is India actually ready for remote work?

About 60% of the Indian population still lives in villages where getting a proper internet network isn’t that easy. Recently I had my online classes and one of my classmates who is staying in his village couldn’t join the class because his network bandwidth wasn’t good enough. If joining a lecture is becoming such a Herculean task, remote work that thrives on the world of the internet, is still a big question for all of us. Furthermore, the financial dilemmas in most rural families have restricted their access to laptops and smartphones.

For the Indian families, the 9 to 5 office job has been the ideal job environment for them. To adapt to the remote work culture is a difficult job for them. If you are sitting at your home all day with your laptop it’s not weird for your parents to think you aren’t working or having a proper job for that matter. And there’s no wonder if they barge into a video meeting and ask you to bring vegetables for home. The Indian families will definitely take up some time to get accustomed to remote working strategies.

Not only the families but for the employee as well the adaptation to remote work is not easy. More than the technological factor, psychological adaption is the more prominent problem here. Since the outbreak of coronavirus work from home has been prioritized, but for most of the employees it’s more like a hit and trial method Especially for the elder employees, it becomes more challenging. Being unaware if technological advancements and the inability to use those applications affect their mental health as well.

Another factor that comes to light is security concerns. We have witnessed the recent allegations against one of the online meeting platforms for data theft. Most of the employees use their personal laptops which may not meet the security standards and hence more prone to data theft. In such scenarios, even a single data breach can put the entire organization’s data to risk. Until the companies come forward to provide firewall securities to the entire setup, remote work might be a tough call.

Without a doubt remote work if implemented strategically can prove to be way more cost-effective and productive for both the employee and the employer. When we talk in terms of India, remote work still has challenges to cope with. Remote work is going to be the future os work but how long we need to wait for that future is still a question for us. Until then keep working and stay productive!!

Written By Shubhangi for The Growup Group



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