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Social Media Platforms to use for Marketing in 2021

In 2021, we are experiencing a shift in the work environment, culture, and our personal lives as well, social media is shaping up to be more important than ever. It has proven to be a valuable channel for marketers for lead generation and converting leads into customers. The managers follow an agile approach for keeping themselves up-to-date with the latest social media trends and make sure that they exploit all the available opportunities.

Social Media

There have been unprecedented changes in social media and the way people consume content over social media. Especially during these times when the pandemic has kept everyone within their houses, people have spent more time on social media. These all factors have led to the generation of numerous opportunities.

Social media sites have a large variety of audiences. They can be used by marketers to exploit newer markets. They can reach the new customer segments, targeting a new set of customers.

There is an “n” number of social media platforms but not all of them are helpful to the marketer. It can be difficult to select the right platform to market your products.

Below are some of the most famous social media platforms to use for marketing-:

Facebook- With a monthly active user count of around 2.7 billion, Facebook is the biggest social ecosystem. Facebook was one of the first social media platforms to provide advertising options to businesses. Facebook’s name comes first in our mind whenever we hear the term social media. Facebook allows you to promote your business to an extremely wide and diverse set of audiences.

Having a business page on Facebook and constantly updating the content over there is a must for promoting through Facebook. Consumers want the business to be present on Facebook and also revert to their concerns and questions.

Social Media

If there is only a platform for you to choose from, market your business using Facebook. It helps you engage with the audience, allows you to collect reviews, and also gives access to a wider user base.

Twitter- Around 186 million people use Twitter daily, making it a perfect advertising platform. It is a fast-paced platform that users use to seek news and information on it. Companies that publish original content regularly can find Twitter extremely beneficial.

It is an extremely easy platform to use. Sharing links to new pages and blogs regularly sends readers directly to your new content. If the brand constantly shares useful and informative content and makes it a part of their marketing strategy helps the brand to build reputation and goodwill as an authority in your industry.

LinkedIn- LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals with a user base of around 706 million. Being a networking site for all the professionals, it is a very useful tool for reaching the B2B prospects.

Maintaining an active LinkedIn account helps you in hiring as well. The applicants can know about your job openings. Also sharing content on the company’s page shows the potential customers to know about your products and services.

YouTube- YouTube may not be a social media site but for the fact that it has over 2 billion users, it can be effectively used for promoting your business. Creating content on the company’s page can be a great way of connecting with the users of YouTube.

You can create videos about your product over YouTube and can give the link to buy in the description of it. Visual content is much more engaging to the visitors. YouTube helps you to highlight the company’s culture, lets you publish tutorials and demonstrations about the product/ services.

Instagram- Instagram is a pic dominated platform. Instagram is best for those who wish to advertise using pictures and videos as it is not a text-heavy platform. You can post pictures of your products and can also ask you to post pictures of the products. This will help you to create connections with your customers.

The use of hashtags on Instagram lets you reach a multitude of people and take the advantage of stories to expand your social presence.

The advertisement mechanism is similar to what Facebook offers.

Social Media

Snapchat- Snapchat is ideal for people who are looking to promote a certain timely event such as a product launch or conference. It also helps you to create custom, branded geotags to promote certain events in a certain location during a certain time. Also if your target audience is young college students then Snapchat is the most appropriate platform to go with.

There are numerous different platforms such as Tumblr, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest to help you market your products and reach a wider range of audiences.

Using Social media platform as a medium to market your product lets you discover the unleashed potential of the social sites. Those sites are places where a person spends a chunk of their time. Thus having a presence over social sites lets you be in the eyes of the user whenever he/she uses any social media platform. It creates an ever-lasting impact on your mind and thus helps you reach a newer set of customers thus improving your overall sales figures.

Written By: Aditya Kishore for The Growup Group



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