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What not to do in your notice period?

Career graphs could be dotted with times when to seek a better opportunity or to chase new prospects an employee feels fully convinced to leave their present jobs. The will to embrace another life goal lands an employee in a pressing time called the “Notice Period.”

A notice period is the amount of notice an employee has to give their employer before resigning. It’s also the amount of notice an employer needs to give an employee before the termination of their contract.

The release from a job is not so easy and the last slimming days are equally valuable to both the employer and the employee. The employer utilizes this time to find the ideal replacement for the employee’s work and ensure the business isn’t affected whereas the employee ensures that they don’t breach the trust of the employer or evade ethics. Rather, they work towards ensuring a smooth transition of work to the subordinate designated.

Notice Period

On asking around people who have served their notice period refer to challenges such as barriers in communication, petty fights over incomplete work, unpunctuality, incomplete work, and holding grudges often arise during the notice period.

This crucial time could indeed make the employee conscious in respect to what not to do as they feel that they are being constantly hawked and judged but paying heed to these four important points can help an employee sail smoothly in their notice period:

In the notice period, an employee may have grudges against the company which they say out loud to inspire the other employees, to cultivate hate against the employer, or create deep-rooted conflicts in the workplace. A word of advice will be to not indulge in such belittling talks as they only downgrade the employee’s character and can impact their final documentation and references. Every employment opportunity is a learning experience and hence, one should honor it till the end.

2. Theft calls for legal action

In the notice period, the employees are generally seen transferring important documents of the company to their email id or even stealing stationery but one must remember that during this period, the employee will be watched like a hawk and every action will be closely monitored. Any act of theft would lead to legal action against the employee. Hence, one must avoid it.

Notice Period

3. Unproductivity in a long notice period

Indian companies have a 90 day long notice period. The long notice period can take a toll on an employee’s productivity and could result in a stubborn attitude and passive behavior. So, till the transition is completed one must showcase congenial behavior at their workplace as stubbornness would only lead to petty conflicts that would cost more time.

4. Abrupt Exist

It is noted that many times employees on bagging another lucrative job abruptly exit the company without bidding adieu to the rest of the employees properly or completing the formalities of the old company. Such behavior distorts the employee’s image in the long run and one never knows who would they cross paths with within the corporate world. So, be cordial even if one decides to quit. Don’t dull the impression with one hasty move.

Thus, a notice period could be a taxing time making an employee feel frustrated but one must keep their cool and not indulge in petty talks, theft, or a reluctant attitude. Remember, the goal is to leave a long-lasting impression. So, one should choose for themselves how they would want people to remember them even when they leave.



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