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Announcing GYB’s Partnership with Phantasma and Ghost Market

We’re excited to announce the partnership campaign with Phantasma is now live on GrowYourBase.

At GrowYourBase, we are always looking for the top NFT Projects that our community can enjoy and benefit from. With ETH gas fees making most ETH-based NFT Projects pretty unusable at the moment, we wanted to bring alternatives to our users, so you can keep on creating/using/trading NFTs in other advanced, NFT-focused chains.

That search inevitably sent us to Phantasma and their marketplace Ghost Market, which we are very excited to introduce today.

What is Phantasma?

Phantasma is the Blockchain for next generation content distribution. It is fast, secure and scalable, and has a double token system (SOUL and KCAL) for governance and interoperability. Additionally, it has been created with NFTs in Mind, and so it has a lot of NFT functionality (minting, batch minting, sending, etc) built in by default.

What is Ghost Market?

Ghost Market is the first ever cross-chain NFT Marketplace. It allows you to discover, buy and sell NFTs from both the NEO and Phantasma Blockchains.

You can learn more about Phantasma and Ghost Market in this video on our Youtube channel:

We at GrowYourBase have teamed up with Phantasma, Ghost Market and MagusZ, a great Phantasma-based artist, to create exclusive art pieces for the GYB Community.

Sign up for a GYB Membership today at to receive one of these exclusive pieces in your GYB Portfolio on our next drop!

Be sure to join Phantasma’s Discord to be part of their community, and drop them a Twitter follow to stay up to date on all their new releases!



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