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The Cent and GrowYourBase NFT collab

We’re excited to showcase the 5 winners of the GYB and CENT NFT collab! This July, we teamed up with Cent to launch an NFT Design contest.

14 awesome artists submitted their ideas and, from them, we’ve selected the 5 winners, which we are showcasing in this post. Go through each artist’s bio & profiles to learn more about their style and story and to help spread awareness for digital artists everywhere.

Title: Upward, together

Description: “In my piece, the linked logos of Grow Your Base and Cent ascend into the sky, carrying passengers who represent NFT content creators and their investors.”

Story: I’m a digital artist, who is fascinated by geometric patterns like those found in geodesic domes. I experiment with 3D models of spherical polyhedrons, and use their internal mathematical rhythms to create my artwork. I twist, pinch, and literally turn these spheres inside out to find and capture unexpected imagery with a variety of cameras. The spheres are made up of facets that share the mathematical patterns, and despite all of my manipulation, those patterns remain, and give the images a sense of order.

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2. Gisel Florez

Title: C&G Logo

Description: Cent & Grow Your Base collaboration by Gisel X Florez. The most important aspect of this contest that called to me was to make create an NFT that merges the already existing logos of both collaborators. This design was created by using elements of my Transmissions of Light images, a manual photographic technique I’ve developed capturing blueprints of light’s colorful emissions of pattern & time. I composed this logo of a C & G nestled together on top of a concrete slab of digital noise. This logo & plaque commemorates this historic moment of new developments of blockchain community with Cent & GYB

Story: Gisel Florez incorporates manual camera techniques with conceptual practice to explore the ways in which we are interconnected within the space of existence. From blockchain to virtual reality, she merges artistic curiosity of scientific development with the interactions of light and organic process. She established Gisel Florez Studio in 2003, based in NYC dedicated to maintaining a creative edge shooting high-end still and motion projects for advertising, editorial, and independent labels.

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3. Ferris Bullish

Title: Spacecat

Description: A kitty tripping deeply in metaverse

Story: Visual artist, designer, coder, internet pioneer and crypto enthusiast
leaving the corporate world. I need more days off, as you may know.
Having an old passion for the intersection of art and technology, I
produce generative art, glitch, digital collages and animations, often
mixing pop culture and art history references

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4. DragoNate

Title: Cent (glitch) GYB

Description: A glitched mashup of the Cent & Grow Your Base logos

Story: My name is Nathan. I am a Christ follower, a gamer & a tracuer, which is a fancy word that means I do parkour! I love helping & encouraging others!

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5. BuzzLightning

Title: V-R-P-I-G (We Are People In Global worlds)

Description: Through new technologies we humans have more and more possibilities to network and to realize new projects together.

Story: After an apprenticeship as a display designer and excursions into various trades, I dedicated myself not only to creative work but also to the teaching of art. It is not only children who need to be awakened to this need for and the power of art, but also people who, for various reasons, find themselves in contexts outside of cultural life.In painting, I have been working on the theme of “man and computer” for years, which finally led me to cryptoart. Through blockchain technology and decentralized marketplaces, as well as the emergence of virtual worlds, we artists have more and better possibilities for self-marketing.

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If you love crypto art and NFTs, be sure to check out each artist’s links to help show them support!

Also, check our video recap on the Cent x GYB Collaboration!

If you are brand new to GrowYourBase’s membership program be sure to signup here for a Nifty Pass and get amazing digital art like this directly to your wallet every month!



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