Writing for GRT Words

Hi all,

If you want to write and publish on GRT words

  1. Sign up for a medium account using a fake email address or at least one which doesn’t list your real name (That way we can get honest feedback and have anonymity).
  2. Make a comment on this post using the password I have put on the the closed group.
  3. I will add you as an publisher on this publication.
  4. Write up your story on your own medium account.
  5. Once it is complete add it to the publication (You can now as you’re an editor.
  6. We can all then read each others work with some level of anonymity.
  7. Same rules apply for this group as the other. Quick summary of the rules involve ‘Be respectful, be kind and keep on engaging in fascinating philosophical discussions and musings to expand all our thinking. Douch-baggery will not be tolerated, so remember to manage your emotions and take a 5 minute break before responding if someone has written something you disagree with strongly’.
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