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Introducing GrubBase

Bringing Meal Planning into the 21st Century

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In early 2013, I found myself sick with a bad case of food poisoning. A rough night turned into a rough month, and a rough month turned into a rough year. I set out on a multi-year journey to heal my gut and feel good again.

I tried eliminating certain foods and eating more of others. I experimented with meal timing, eating more food less frequently or less food more frequently. I worked to maintain more diversity in my diet and, under the guidance of my doctor, targeted micronutrient deficiencies by taking certain supplements. All the while, I did my best to navigate these diet and lifestyle changes within a demanding schedule and a tight budget.

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Along the way, as I shared my setbacks, successes, and challenges with those closest to me, I came to the realization that I was hardly alone on this journey. Again and again, I was told of food as a source of stress, anxiety, and even shame. Co-workers spoke of weekly encounters with "Meal Planner's block", leading to lost time and uninspired, monotonic meals. Friends shared their struggles to lose weight or gain muscle. Family members told of difficulty navigating allergies and food intolerances while maintaining a balanced, diverse diet.

Whether positive or negative, food plays a powerful role in all of our stories. Common cuisines can bind entire cultures together and few things in life bring people together like a meal shared between friends or family. At a more tangible level, food can be the difference maker between thriving and just surviving. Empowered with this realization, I set out to create the tool I wished had been at my side during my journey back to health and beyond.

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At GrubBase, our mission is to help you make food a positive part of your personal story. GrubBase enables you to elevate the role of food in your life by focusing on three pillars:

  • Food should be Nutritious
  • Food should be Easy
  • Food should be Delicious

GrubBase works across these pillars to equip you with the tools to craft a diet that is both nutritious and delicious, while decreasing the amount of time and effort traditionally required to accomplish both of these goals.

  • Our Meal Planner allows you to see in real-time how including or removing a particular recipe or food in your meal plan alters your caloric intake and macronutrient profile
  • GrubBase’s propriety Recipe Parser allows you to upload your favorite recipes, automatically generating the recipe’s Nutrition Facts and allowing you to include these recipes in your Meal Plan.
  • The Recipe Bank allows you to explore recipes uploaded by other GrubBase users — with ingredient amounts automatically altered to fit your specific nutrition needs.
  • Lastly, the GrubBase Dashboard tracks your progress so you can focus on what really matters

Sign up for a free GrubBase account today. You’ll find these and lots of other features designed with one goal in mind: make delicious, healthy eating easy. As part of the GrubBase community, we’ll work together to make food a positive part of your personal story.



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