Prototype — from book to control panel

We have tried to bring our design concept in to a context — to better understand the frames surrounding it at help us self to give it form

We frame it around Årstiderne and their food-boxes, intergrating the challenge into their existing system.

We narrow down the functionallity of the book:

It needs to bring visual feedback on 3 parameters:

  1. How long in the challenge are you
  2. How did the food taste
  3. How much CO2 did your food produce

The following is being tossed out again:

We talk about the physical form of the callenge device — is it nessesarry to have it be a book?

We find that, it is not. That with Årstiderne in mind, we culd design a device that leans on their wooden boxes, and rather make a ‘control panel’ of wood.

In relation to the tech Specs:

There should be a screen of some sort — we will not put so much effort in to this part, but rather focus on the interaction parts.

There should be a progress bar showing the progress of the week