Target group:
- Families with kids
- Children under the age of 13
- Families that eat meat

- Does provoking design work on families that does not want to eat less meat.
- What does the family prioritise?
- How much should they change — How is the design a part of their daily life?
- Financial means — is it a punch in the face?
- Difficult to change — they need inspiration.
-Be careful not to teach people.

People who do not want to eat less meat:
- Is it something they want to have in their home?
- Is it something they want to spend money on?

People who eat meat 3–5 days a week:
- They are more prone to be first movers — can they lead the way for the others?

Brainstorm ideas:
- Inform the user.
- What impact does it have on the environment? — Put it in a daily context.
- iPhones/iPads as input devices.
- Do we want to create a campaign? e.g. something that can be put a Rådhuspladsen that people can interact with. 
- Naturli
- Don’t use titles
- Cigarette packs/meat packs — scare people off. 
- Climate angle works better — it is visible through both the survey and the expert. 
- Connection between climate, health and organic.