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Sep 16 · 3 min read

Ideas for How Insurance Agents Can Build a Powerful Local Network

Strengthening Relationships Within Your Own Network Can Build A System Of Success for Agents

Websites, email, and social media give insurance agents a nearly unlimited reach. Marketing messages can be shared across various platforms to connect with just about anyone, anywhere. And while that broad network can be beneficial at times, the everyday effectiveness of your marketing efforts is often best realized within your own local community.

Here are a few facts about the significance of keeping involved and engaged within your local community:

· 82% of consumers prefer spending money with businesses and professionals who actively and regularly demonstrate a sense of social responsibility and community involvement.

· Community involvement helps add distinction to your personal and professional branding. When you’re easily recognized as an agent who serves a particular market, you’re reinforcing the messaging behind your brand.

· A strong local network can grow exponentially. Think of it as a domino effect: As you strengthen your connections with those inside your community, you’ll begin to connect with local businesses and entrepreneurs that can lead to increased networking, allowing you to branch out and connect with neighboring communities. Just remember to keep the trunk of your branches rooted in your local community.

How can you increase your community involvement? We have ideas!

· Support a local cause. Think about a cause that’s close to your heart and actively look for ways to support the cause within your community. Consider organizing a neighborhood food bank or fundraiser for your local children’s hospital or ASPCA.

· Volunteer. From collecting donations, assembling giveaway baskets, and helping to stock shelves at a thrift store, there are countless ways that you can give of your time to give back to your community.

· Remember the classroom. Local schools rely on the community to nurture and support their programs. Consider sponsoring a school sports team or arts education program. Connect with school coaches, music, drama, science, and art teachers to learn about upcoming events and program fundraisers and how you can get involved.

· Be a host. By hosting local events that benefit your neighbors and other professionals within your area, you are helping to cultivate a support network within your community that helps to educate and extend outreach opportunities that can benefit a variety of professionals and individuals within your area. Information Clinics can provide important insurance-related information that can help individuals and businesses plan for the future. Question and Answer Sessions can allow members of the community to participate in a live discussion to get answers to their specific questions about today’s insurance programs and how specific policies can provide for various types of coverage.

By establishing yourself as a champion for your community, you will have expanded opportunities to demonstrate your expertise, directly connect with more of the people who are most likely to do business with you, all while helping to benefit and give back to your local area.

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