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Email: Enhanced

5 Helpful Rules of Email That All Insurance Agents Need To Know About

Maximize the Impact of Your Emails

Email is a part of daily life for insurance agents. It’s an extremely valuable tool for marketing, customer service, and information sharing. That said, email isn’t without its caveats. How can insurance agents optimize email? GS National has professional recommendations that you need to consider each time you take to the keyboard.

1. Strengthen Your Subject. The subject line in your email is a critical element to the message you’re sending. It’s the first impression of your email and is the equivalent of a newspaper’s headline. Limit your email subjects to about 10 words. You’ll want the subject line to be clearly visible when viewed on mobile devices and to prove the value of the message before the recipient feels tempted to hit the delete button. Use the subject line to compel recipients to want to know more.

2. Know When Enough is Enough. Spam is one of the most frustrating byproducts of the internet. Avoid over-sending emails by scheduling your messages to send in consistent, reasonable intervals. A weekly or monthly message may be all that’s needed to help you retain awareness with your customers or announce updates and provide your clients with important information. Proactively look for ways in which you can combine multiple topics into single messages through a common theme or a bookended opening and closing. This will help you to reduce the total number of emails that you send, avoiding the risk of your clients and potential clients viewing your email as spam.

3. Don’t Yell. Avoid using all caps in both your subject line and within the body of your email. While commonly considered to be the online equivalent of shouting, overusing all uppercase text can make your message appear as spam and negatively impact your emails’ open rate.

4. But Do Get Excited. Email doesn’t have to be boring. Use your email messages as an opportunity to share your personality — without compromising your professionalism, of course. Consider sharing a story, inspirational quote, or personal anecdote to make your message more engaging.

5. Format Wisely. Emails should follow a logical structure of flow. Keep your paragraphs short and include only one main idea in each paragraph. Use bullet points to break up lengthy blocks of text and incorporate images wherever appropriate.

By working to make sure that your emails are easy to read, simple to follow, and sent sparingly, you’ll be in a solid position to make the most of this versatile and powerful form of communication. For more suggestions on how to improve your insurance marketing, visit to learn about GS National Insurance. Started in 2010, GS National was developed to provide a simple solution to a complex health insurance industry: Transparency. Today, GS National has formulated a 3-pillar approach to partnering with independent insurance agents and agencies: Simplicity, Transparency, and Recognition. This 3-pillar approach has become the backbone of GS National and has led to the development of the groundbreaking web-based app, Propelicy. Schedule a demo or learn more at





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