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Sep 8 · 4 min read

Helping Insurance Agents Get the Most From Email Marketing in 2021 and Beyond

Do you make smart use of email marketing?

With so many ways to connect with current clients and potential clients, many agents question whether there’s still a place for email in today’s marketing strategies. Even in 2021, email marketing remains one of the most effective tools for agent-client communication.

Here are a few facts about email in today’s environment:

1) Even through the rise of social media, approximately 4 billion people use email around the world. That’s more than Facebook and Twitter users — combined!

2) Most Americans state that they check their email multiple times each day. This means that regardless of your targeted audience, your chance to reach them via email is extremely high on any given day.

3) According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2020 B2C Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report, content marketers rate email newsletters as their highest performing content type for securing and nurturing leads.

4) Email marketing provides, on average, a $42 ROI for every $1 you spend.

5) You can measure and track your results! Insurance agents are all about data and how that data can best serve clients. Email marketing allows you to quickly and efficiently track views/opens, click thru rates, and other information about how recipients are engaging with the message.

So, how can insurance agents maximize the power of email marketing? The trick, of course, is to be sure to use email correctly. Top strategies for 2021 include:

Get Personal: Relationships are critical to the success of insurance agents. You’ll want to ensure that your clients (and leads) feel a sense of customization and personalization in all of your correspondence. While incorporating automation can be efficient, it’s important to balance automation with personalization. Greet email recipients by name. Consider automating the opt-in process with your email marketing campaign application to collect user information upfront, that you can personalize throughout the body of your message. This information could include age group, particular interests, specific policies or types of coverage, or geographical location and local community information.

Get interactive: Consider using polls and surveys within your email campaigns to prompt user engagement. Provide clear and simple Call to Action (CTA) buttons. These are the primary actions that you want your email readers to take as a result from having read your messages. The CTA could be to contact you, visit your website, request a quote, or follow you on social media. You can also incorporate trivia questions or other interesting or thought-provoking elements into your messages to help push users to reply to your messages or share your message with others.

Optimize: Today, email users rely on a variety of devices to view their emails. Use best practices to ensure that your emails are easy to read, offer adequate contrast between text and the background, and embedded images to help users across all of today’s most common devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Keep in mind that up to 90% or more of your email recipients will be viewing your message on a mobile device. Optimize your initial email template to ensure that it adapts well to that environment.

Be compliant: Ensure that your emails maintain PCI and GDPR compliance and make overall user privacy the center of your email marketing efforts. Reassure your recipients that their contact information is not being sold or shared with third parties without their consent. Always provide opt-out/unsubscribe opportunities.

Be versatile: Use email for opportunities to send holiday e-cards, birthday e-greetings, interesting facts or special announcements, alongside regular consistent email newsletters. Insurance agents need not use email marketing to produce the same type of email content with every email. Keep your messages interesting by offering your recipients fresh and unique styles of content from time to time.

While email may not always be at the top of your list of communication tools, it remains a powerful way to keep connected with clients, maintain regular communication, and nurture new leads. Remember, if you’re sending valuable, helpful, personalized information, your recipients will engage.

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