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Empowering Productivity

How Insurance Agents and Agencies Can Boost Productivity and Performance

Let’s Take Your Daily Productivity to New Heights

How do you define “productivity”? Perhaps even more importantly, how do you measure your productivity? We’re helping you to not only define and measure productivity — but also to improve it.

Insurance agents typically measure performance by sales. In this article, we’re challenging you to look beyond the number of policies sold to explore all of the ways in which you’re productive throughout each and every workday. From the number of emails and text messages that you send to the number of client meetings that you complete, the success of your day has many layers to consider.

So how can you get more from all of the ways in which you’re productive?

We have 5 recommendations that can help you push your productivity to new levels.

1. Press Pause. Often, insurance agents want to make “one more” phone call or send just “one last” follow-up email before taking a break or calling it a day. Studies show, however, that taking regular breaks can help boost concentration and mood. The attitude that you project on sales calls (and even as reflected within the “tone of voice” within your emails), can help you project a message of positivity that can resonate with clients, potentially helping you to close more business. By taking a 5-minute walk or simply stepping away from your desk (or smartphone) for a few minutes, you are allowing yourself to recharge, regroup, and refresh for the next tasks at hand.

2. Put Multitasking in its Place. When you have a lot to do, multitasking can seem like a good idea. Studies show, however, that multitasking isn’t nearly as productive as its name implies. In fact, most recent studies demonstrate that multitasking actually hinders productivity and leaves you at risk for needing to redo certain aspects of your work or forgetting an important component of your tasks. Instead, focus on one thing at a time and you’ll most likely complete more of your to-dos in less time.

3. Think Small. Insurance agents love big goals — and we encourage them! When you’re focusing on your overall productivity, however, it’s important to set small goals that are well-defined and easy to manage. Break up large projects into smaller tasks to avoid feeling overwhelmed. As you check off smaller tasks, simultaneously accomplishing smaller goals with each checkoff, you’ll be working towards your larger goals while feeling a rewarding sense of accomplishment that feeds into further productivity throughout your day.

4. Use Your Words. Insurance agents understand the significance of effective communication, but that doesn’t mean that we’re impervious to miscommunicating or failing to communicate. Work to streamline your communication in ways that best suit your schedule. Think about which types of messages are best suited for a phone call and which require a meeting. How can email or text messaging help you manage your client communication? By working to facilitate your cold calls, follow-ups, and customer service calls in processes and methods of communication that work best for you, your clients, and your timeline, you can combine effective communication with efficient communication.

5. Keep Focused. That may sound easier said than done, but one of the best ways to manage your level of focus is to manage your risk of interruption. Even brief interruptions can have big impacts on how you’re able to complete the tasks at hand. Consider keeping the door to your office closed when you need to block out time for dedicated projects. If you’re working from home, let others within the household know that you’re going to be unavailable for an estimated amount of time. By minimizing interruptions, you’re able to maximize your focus; and when your focus is on point, your productivity has wings to soar.

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