Helping Seniors Ask the Best Questions — And Get the Best Answers

How Health Insurance Agents Can Serve Their Mature Clients By Guiding Their Questions and Providing Clear Answers

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As an insurance agent, you know how important it is to listen to your clients. You also know that you need to be poised and prepared to answer your clients’ toughest questions. Additionally, you know that when you follow through with these as a listener and as a skilled agent with helpful answers, you build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your clients. But what happens when you find yourself with a client who doesn’t seem to have many significant questions? Whether it’s a shy client or someone who’s concerned that their questions are too simple or should have obvious answers, there are times when a client or potential client simply doesn’t speak up; and for whatever reason, when they don’t present at least a handful of questions, it can be difficult for you to demonstrate the value that you provide. This situation can be especially relevant when working with older adults.

So today, we’re sharing 5 of the most helpful questions that seniors should be asking of their insurance agents. You can use these questions to help guide your older clients within your conversations to help ensure that they receive the answers that they need to make well-informed, confident decisions about their health insurance. In the process, you’ll also be exhibiting your own expertise and willingness to support your clients and provide solid, easy-to-understand answers to the concerns that matter most.

1. Will this insurance save me money, even if I’m healthy? This question gives you the opportunity to remind your client that insurance products allow for the unexpected. Even if your client is in excellent health, it’s important to remember that the costs of receiving care can be a financial and emotional burden. Use this question to reinforce the importance of a healthy lifestyle and share in the positive discussions about your client’s good health. Then, present how the right insurance products can provide the peace of mind they deserve if there’s an accident or an unexpected change. You can also ask your client if they know how much they currently spend, on average, when they visit their doctor or fill prescriptions. Discuss their current healthcare budget and use real-world data to outline some of the average costs related to healthcare. Demonstrate how the right coverage can offer a bottom line that fits their current budget while also offering peace of mind for the future.

2. Are my doctors included in this plan? This is a question that many clients don’t contemplate until after they’ve committed to purchasing an insurance product. Help your client understand in and out-of-network providers right from the start. Work to help your clients understand whether or not their preferred providers are in-network. You may need to make some phone calls to check directly with their provider. Use this as another opportunity of how you put the time and attention into caring about your clients’ satisfaction.

3. What is this plan’s prescription drug coverage? 1998 and 2002 studies from Georgetown University showed that two-thirds of all adults within the United States are on at least one prescribed medication. Your client, however, may be focused on the medical details that surround their health insurance products and forget to ask about prescription drug coverage. If your client forgets to ask this question, proactively present the answers about in-network pharmacies, options for prescriptions that aren’t covered, copays for regular prescriptions as well as information about name brands versus generic medications.

4. What about alternative therapies? Because different health plans treat alternative therapies differently, help your clients understand what they can expect from their plans as it relates to treatment from providers such as chiropractors and acupuncturists.

5. What happens if I need help with my plan? Remember, you’re providing your clients with an insurance product that’s intended to be there when they need it. Similarly, you work hard, as their agent, to be there when they need you, too. Health insurance can be complicated and it’s not uncommon for clients to have questions throughout the course of their coverage. Let your clients know what they can expect from you and their carrier when it comes to getting answers. Let clients know who they should contact if they have questions and how to connect with the right people for the answers they need.

While some clients and potential clients will be full of questions, others may be hesitant or simply not know what to ask. But in either scenario, you can show just how committed you are to providing the best service possible by addressing even the questions that your clients aren’t asking. In addition to the 5 questions we’ve presented here, use your own experiences with other clients to build your own list of “frequently asked questions”. Even when a client or potential client doesn’t ask a common question, you can proactively open up the topic for conversation to provide helpful information while you demonstrate how much you care.

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GS National

An independently owned insurance marketing organization specializing in helping independent advisors increase their health, life and annuity business.

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