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Sep 23 · 4 min read

How Insurance Agents Can Build a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you have a plan for your digital media marketing? GSNI can help!

While insurance is a well-established industry with decades of proven marketing strategies under its belt, today’s insurance agents have the advantage of combining traditional advertising with digital marketing options for fresh and exciting ways to connect with customers. With about 71 million millennials shopping for insurance, implementing digital marketing into an overall marketing plan is a smart move for agents. How should you begin to develop a digital marketing strategy? We’ve got suggestions:

· Examine Your Website: In all aspects of your digital advertising, you’ll want to direct customers to your website. Before you begin, be sure that your site clearly defines your personal brand, offers a direct Call to Action, and maintains an easy-to-navigate structure so that visitors to your site can find relevant information with ease. Be sure to include a simple way for website visitors to connect with a live representative who can offer direct assistance. You can integrate a chat feature into your site, have a prominent contact form, or a tap to call a hyperlinked phone number placed throughout the site. Most importantly, remember that your website must be optimized for smartphones. Ensure that your website is fully responsive to today’s most popular devices.

· Examine Your Language. Agents often fall into the trappings of over-using jargon or being too broad in their messaging. When you’re thinking about your digital advertising, it’s essential to think like an online user. How do you use Google in your own personal searches? Think about search phrases rather than “keywords” and work to implement common, everyday language that incorporates popular search phrasing into your website’s content and your digital ads.

· Examine Your Content. Today, 78% of consumers say that content that is relevant to their specific situation heavily increases their interest in purchasing a product or service. Think about the content that you’re providing on your social media, websites, email campaigns, and other digital ads and work to provide valuable content that would most likely appeal to your demographic. What types of content would be the most useful for your audiences? The more valuable your content, the more engagement you can expect from audiences across all forms of digital media.

· Examine Your Data Collection. One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is that it allows you to collect valuable data from your audiences. Be sure that your digital advertising campaigns are providing you with the data that is most helpful to your overall marketing and advertising strategies. Are you collecting both phone numbers and email addresses from your lead capture forms and downloadable materials? Does your email newsletter opt-in ask for names and the names of household or family members? From eBooks and whitepapers to online webinars and e-blasts, your digital campaigns offer you countless options to gather data from your audiences to build a robust database of contacts for additional short and long-term marketing projects.

· Examine Your Social Media’s Social Skills. Insurance agents who incorporate social media into their marketing often discover that many of their posts lack true social savviness. It’s easy to create posts after posts that inundate followers with generic information. Even if the content is interesting to you, as an insurance professional, don’t assume that generic information about insurance products is exciting for your social media followers. Instead, work to incorporate fun and sociable topics into your posts. Ask questions, share personal photos, offer insights into your own family life and health and wellness goals. Acknowledge events happening within your local community and share posts from local nonprofits and special organizations within your neighborhood. These tactics make the best use of social media, allowing you to avoid seeming overly “salesy” with your social media content.

· Examine Your SEO. Search Engine Optimization is essential for your website and online presence. Today, 25% of life insurance customers within the United States rely on online search results to influence their purchasing decisions. Be sure that your website is optimized for today’s best SEO practices. This includes things like using alt tags for images, making good use of headline copy on your website, having other topically relevant external websites link back to your site, ensuring that your website, digital ads, and email messages have sufficient color contrast and readable font sizes.

· Examine Your Progress. As you incorporate digital marketing, make use of the tracking and reporting tools that are available to you. Integrate Google Analytics into your website. Regularly review how your campaigns are performing on social media. Routinely read the reports from your email marketing platform. Adjust content, goals, tactics and techniques based on the performance feedback that you’re receiving. By reviewing the performance of each campaign, you’ll see what’s working and areas that could be stronger. Staying on track with your digital marketing involves assessing the results.

Whether you’re just getting started with digital marketing or have been implementing it for years, remember that as the technology changes, so do the best practices. Stay on top of the best techniques within today’s digital marketing to help ensure that you’re getting the most from your efforts. For more assistance, tools and resources to help you succeed, get to know GS National Insurance. GSNI is a unique FMO that’s committed to your success. Learn more at gsnational.com.


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