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Oct 7 · 3 min read

How Insurance Agents Can Best Structure Meetings to Maximize Their Productivity and Efficiency

How productive are your meetings? We’ve got suggestions to help your time together be more productive.

Insurance agents spend countless hours in meetings. Whether meetings are held in person, virtually, or by phone, meetings are an essential component of day-to-day business practices for every agent. Because meetings often cover an array of topics, keeping them productive, on-task, and efficient can be a challenge.

Here are 3 suggestions for how to best ensure a successful structure for internal and client meetings:

1) Have clear objectives. Before any meeting, determine what you hope to have accomplished when the meeting comes to an end. Have an established set of questions and remain determined to obtain the answers before your meeting concludes. Set an agenda and have talking points in place. Whenever possible, provide all parties with an agenda up front so that everyone can be best prepared. If you’re planning a conversation with a client, when you schedule the appointment, let your client know the questions that you may bring to the table and ask about the questions or concerns that your client may have for you. By having a plan in place for your meeting beforehand, there is a better chance for keeping everyone on track and walking away from the meeting with the information that you were hoping to receive.

2) Be mindful of the time. Always be punctual for your meetings, arriving early whenever you can. Be well-prepared and do your best to ensure that your meeting begins on time. Additionally, have an end-time in mind. While your meeting may actually end before or after the anticipated end time, having a ballpark estimate of when your meeting will wrap up will help you to better plan for your entire day.

3) Know your next steps. Before your meeting closes, be sure to outline the next steps for all parties. Let everyone know what you plan to do next, how you’ll follow up, and when others can expect to hear back from you. Ask for the same information from others within the meeting. By making sure that everyone knows the expectations of what happens after the meeting, the ongoing productivity of your meeting will continue even after the meeting comes to an end.

Meetings are investments of your time. By taking these measures to structure your meetings efficiently, you’re maximizing the value of that investment. For more suggestions, resources, and information to help you succeed, get to know GS National Insurance, an FMO who treats you like a true partner. GSNI was developed to provide a simple solution to a complex health insurance industry and has a full suite of tools that work to streamline processes and propel your success. Learn more at







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