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Sep 1 · 3 min read

How Insurance Agents Can Build A Repeatable Sales Strategy

Set Yourself Up For Success…Again and Again!

A recipe for success is one that you’ll want to repeat again and again. And while no two sales situations are 100% identical, insurance agents can create a system of effective processes that can be adapted into almost any opportunity.

Here are 5 baseline sales strategies that can help you to build a fruitful sales format that you can use again and again:

1) Tell A Story. Every strong marketing campaign revolves around a story. As an insurance agent, you have countless opportunities to witness the importance of insurance products within the lives of your clients. When meeting with new clients — or creating content for your social media campaigns or email newsletters, share stories that can resonate with potential clients. Highlight common concerns or offer answers to frequently asked questions. You can highlight circumstances that can help potential clients to evaluate their own needs and become more open to considering the options that you prepare specifically for them.

2) Demonstrate Your Expertise. As part of your ongoing marketing, be sure to take time to create informative content that positions you as a go-to source of information related to insurance products, changes within the industry, and how your clients can get the best value from their policies and products. Consider writing articles for local new sources or holding insurance education seminars within your community.

3) Keep It Simple. Everyone is busy, and efficiency is a critical component to your sales process. Do everything within your power to minimize complex paperwork and strive to keep the onboarding process as fast and simple as possible. Incorporate automatic verification systems, e-signatures and digital payment options whenever you can; and work alongside your client to assist in the process so that your client isn’t left to go it alone. Make use of today’s technology to provide your clients with a hassle-free experience.

4) Build In Follow Ups. At GS National Insurance, we regularly encourage our agent partners to maximize every opportunity to connect with clients. As part of your overall sales system, be sure to integrate a plan for routine follow ups with every new client. By cultivating and nurturing a new client relationship after the sale, you’ll be better positioned to retain that relationship for the long haul. Plan to regularly check in with your clients to re-evaluate their needs and re-assess how their current policies meet those evolving needs. Explore opportunities to cross-sell and help your clients to receive the best value for their policies and products.

5) Ask for Referrals. Too often, insurance agents shy away from directly asking for referrals. If this is a weak area for you, remember the value and peace of mind that the right insurance products can bring and how you work to help more people with every connection that you make. By delivering a quality, pleasant experience for your existing clients, you’re setting the stage for referrals by default, but never assume that your clients will automatically refer you to their friends, family, and neighbors. Plan to ask for referrals either through a direct conversation with your clients or through a formalized program or follow-up letter.

By establishing a proven path for seeing the sale through to the finish line, you can be prepared, organized and poised for success with every lead that you receive. For more professional advice and guidance for insurance agents and agencies, get to know your partners at GSNI. We have a full collection of tools and resources to help our partners succeed. Learn more at




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