GSENetwork Waives Off Transaction Fees for GSE Wallet Users

Dec 6, 2018 · 2 min read

With the recent launch of the GSE Wallet, a secure mobile Ethereum wallet application to simplify the management of GSE and other ERC-20 digital assets, starting from 6 December 2018, GSENetwork will waive off the transaction fees for each user’s first transaction on GSE Wallet.

To earn transaction fee waivers for subsequent transactions, GSE Wallet users will simply have to refer two friends to download and register the GSE Wallet iOS mobile application on their Apple devices, and the referrer will instantly be rewarded with a lifetime transaction fee waiver for two transactions each day.

The GSE Wallet is designed to be an easy-to-use yet highly secure digital wallet application that complements interactions on the GSENetwork ecosystem so that the everyday user can conveniently manage their ERC-20 digital assets and experience the advantages of blockchain technology.

Wallet App Clippings

With the GSE Wallet, anyone can download the mobile application from the Apple App Store and effortlessly view transaction records and their wallet balance and manage their digital assets right from their mobile devices.

The GSE Wallet iOS mobile application can be downloaded from here.

About GSENetwork

GSENetwork provides businesses and developers a decentralized global sharing economy network with trust woven into its core, forming a web of interdependent decentralized marketplaces on blockchain, transforming the sharing economy to its next generation, offering greater accessibility and equitability to its users.

Till date, GSENetwork has formed strategic partnerships with ofo, the world leading bike-sharing platform. As part of the partnership with ofo, “Ride & Earn” campaign was launched to reward ofo users in Singapore, Japan and South Korea for their participation in the network with GSE tokens.


The Sharing Economy Reimagined with Blockchain


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The Sharing Economy Reimagined with Blockchain

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