South Korean ofo users can now “Ride & Earn” your way to GSE tokens

Aug 1, 2018 · 1 min read

Our Green-Mining program, “Ride & Earn” which was launched in partnership with ofo is now officially launched in South Korea!

GSENetwork envisions to be the decentralized trust network that would seamlessly connect the interactions of every user, asset and service in the sharing economy anywhere in the world by leveraging blockchain technology.

The Ride & Earn program is our first step to taking to make our vision a reality.

ofo users in South Korea will now be rewarded with GSE tokens for riding ofo bikes.

The Ride & Earn program has seen great success since its launch in Singapore and Japan, and we’re now expanding it to our third market — Korea! We can’t wait to see South Korean ofo users earning GSE tokens and joining our GSENetwork community!


The Sharing Economy Reimagined with Blockchain


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The Sharing Economy Reimagined with Blockchain

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