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Hey, my name is Anastasiia Klysakova. I am a volunteer.

I was vice-curator Global Shapers Kyiv Hub from June 2017 till July 2018.

The Global Shapers Community is a network of Hubs led by young people between 20 and 30 years of age who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities, is an initiative of the World Economic Forum.

Every year the new hub curator and vice-curator are elected by community of this city. I want to share with you story how we served as a hub in Kyiv in the previous year.

At the photo

Anastasiia Klysakova, vice-curator Global Shapers Kyiv Hub 2017 — 2018. Marketing director Cultural Project.

Yulia Tuchkivskaya, curator Global Shapers Kyiv Hub 2017 — 2018. Director Aspen Institute Ukraine.

In June 2017 me and elected curator of Kyiv hub 2017–2018, Yulia Tuchkivskaya, organized strategic session before start of our curatorship.

We were looking for growth drivers. The main thing that worked for us in the end of the day (in the end of the year=)): shared vision, small actions after every meeting instead of too strict non-achievable plans, common working principles created together.

Is it enough? No. But we did our best as a team — for hub growth🙂

If you don’t know what is the main challenge of hub as unit of the Global Shapers Community — I will tell you.

We are volunteers, young people 22–30 year old. Everybody has its work or business, family, and the rest of time is limited and valuable. People who become global shapers already achieved big results in their professional field, so they join the community to empower their impact by strong local and global network.

So, curators of hub should create for people opportunity, structure and culture to make impact and help to strengthen community connections. It was unique experience for everybody involved.

This year we created the common working principles and vision, started regularly monthly meetings, recruited new people, updated web-site, developed communications strategy.

We realized new projects and took active part in the global initiatives of World Economic Forum.

So, how it was?😉 Let’s have a look

YES (Yalta European Strategy)*

*is organized in Kyiv from 2014

In September 2017 around 350 leading politicians, diplomats, businessmen, civil activists and experts from 34 countries gathered in Kyiv for the 14th Annual Meeting of Yalta European Strategy (YES) — “Is This a New World? And What Does It Mean for Ukraine?”.

Ukrainian #GlobalShapers were among them. Discussing changes in the global geopolitical constellation and global economy, as well as Ukraine, its prospects and its place in the world.

#ShapingTheWorld, #YESUkraine2017


Make me Better & Global Shapers mentorship program

Team Leader — Iryna Prokofieva,

ex-program manager British Council Ukraine, co-host Creative Mornings Kyiv, currently program director Ukrainian Institute.

What is the project about?

MakeMeBetter is a professional mentorship program for those who want to have good start from scratch in any new profession. Program connects best professionals with newbies in their field. During 3 years of existence, the team of mentors has grown to 260 qualified professionals from all over Ukraine and more than 200 participants accomplished the program and made their new careers more successfull.


In November 2017, Global Shapers Kyiv Hub members (Vargola Volodymyr, Solokha Yuliya, Conal Campbell, Valeriy Sobakar, Masharovskaya Svetlana, Nechiporenko Oksana, Semenchuk Max, Klysakova Anastasiia) have joined.

Since that time Max Semenchuk and Anastasiya Klysakova already mentored program participants in spheres of marketing and entrepreneurship.

Results of the project

That went successfully, because Max’s mentee Tatyana Rog had started her own enterprise and already established partnerships for it.

Mentee of Anastasiya stopped work in the financial field and started internship in internet-marketing.

The main principle of program is based on the needs of those who apply. So, other global shapers will be glad to become mentors when new applicants will ask for their specific expertise.

E-campaign “Know A Shaper”


At the photo

Team leader — Alina Opanasenko, deputy assistant, ex-curator Global Shapers Kyiv Hub 2016–2017.

What is the project about?

What started as an e-campaign to mark the 5th anniversary of the Global Shapers Community became the Kyiv Hub’s full scale e-project. Through telling personal stories of Kyiv Shapers we are aiming to embody “leadership by example”.

Each Kyiv Shaper takes over Hub’s social media for one week. During takeover posts focus on Shaper’s professional work; projects and causes that are dear to one’s heart; special places in Kyiv/Ukraine; etc. All this helps to cast light upon local developments in different spheres (as Shapers are coming from academia, politics, business, art and other backgrounds) and to bring attention to the notable cases. In addition this project became an e-coaching session due to a fact that Shapers share things that inspire them, as well as share their own attitude to life (own mottos).

It looks like this😉


General pool of the Kyiv Hub’s social media grew to 3000 local and foreign followers. By this project we are not only spreading the word about who are shapers/how they shape the world, but we are also helping local initiatives to shine. In June 2017–July 2018 7 shapers took part in the e-campaign #KnowAShaper, its around 3 monthes per year of leader’s storytelling and social projects promotion. Of course, one of important outcomes is when a person at a social gathering tells you that he found out about the cause he decided to assist thanks to a publication on the Global Shapers Kyiv Hub’s Facebook page.

E-campaign “We See Equal”


Team Leader — Alina Opanasenko

Team: Oleg Dryzhak, Irina Prokofieva, Anastasiia Klysakova, Dmytro Chumak.

What is the project about?

Kyiv Hub joined the Global Shapers Community campaign to raise awareness on gender equality in March 2018.


As part of the campaign Kyiv Shapers sparked a social media conversation on how and why we need to challenge the status quo. Several special interviews with business leaders, both men and women, regarding the topic were conducted and published on the Hub’s Facebook page reaching approximately 1800 followers. In addition Kyiv Hub’s social media proposed posters with quick examples on how to act in order to shape a world where everyone is equal.

On the occasion of the International Womens Day in a framework of #WeSeeEqual campaign, aiming to catalyze gender equality through local initiatives, Kyiv Shapers have organized a fireside talk with advisers to Ukrainian MPs from different fractions. Event took place at the Committees of the Parliament of Ukraine and has been focused on encouraging young people to lead and to use their voice to challenge the status quo.


“U(kraine) Discover”


Team Leader — Alina Opanasenko

What is the project about?

Proverb say: “what is unknown cannot be loved”. By many Ukraine is seen as a grey zone, a country in the war epicentre or a place of no interest. With #UDiscover Kyiv Hub aims to spark an interest to the country that is definitely worth to be discovered, visited and loved.


Posters with information about Ukrainian inventions, cultural heritage, specific traditions, etc. are spread via social media helping to open up the country and form its positive image. Such cultural diplomacy of the Kyiv Hub targets Global Shapers and beyond.

Global WEF Survey 2017 presentation, “The World Through Eyes of Millenials”

At the photo

Team of the project: Alna Opanasenko, Anna Mazur, Oleg Dryzhak, Yulia Tuchkivskaya, Alex Guzenko, Max Semenchuk.

At the photo

Team leader. — Anna Mazur, founder of innovative career development platform “Happy Monday”, co-host Creative Mornings Kyiv.

Date: 17th of October, 2017

Place: Kyiv Mohila Business School

Goal: to spread the information and results of the Global Survey 2017 among Kyiv active citizens, business, provide hints about youth opinion on world changes, technologies, innovations, economy, business and governance.

Results and impact


  • The global millenials survey 2017* was translated to Ukrainian language and spread among participants;
  • Shapers of Kyiv hub presented results of Survey to wide majority during the open presentation with partnership of the one of leading ukrainian business schools “Kyiv Mohyla Business School”.
  • Number of registrations: 794
  • Number of participants: 250
  • * Ukraine also was in TOP-10 countries from more than 100 countries by quantity of young people that took part of research, and the research in Ukraine was organized by Global Shapers Kyiv Hub.


“Ukraine Discovery Tour”

( 4-th year realization)

Team of the project (GS Kyiv Hub): Olga Stoliarchuk, Anton Shulyk, Anna Mazur, Max Semenchuk, Yulia Solokha, Dim Zarazhevskiy, Dmytro Chumak, Alina Opanasenko.

Odessa GS hub ex-curator, Anastasiia Sleptsova, was UDT team member too.

At the photo

Team leader and CEO of project— Olga Stoliarchuk, ex-curator Global Shapers Kyiv Hub, lawyer, founder of Ukraine-Israel Alliance

What is project about?

Ukraine Discovery Tour is an independently organized event without the official involvement of the World Economic Forum, but with the support of Ukrainian Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers Kyiv Hub in partnership with the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

At the photo

Olga Stoliarchuk, CEO of the project

Olga Afanasieva, executive director UVCA, co-organizer Ukraine Discovery Tour

The agenda of the 4-day Tour includes meetings with the business leaders, social activists and entrepreneurs, media, IT guru and other extraordinary and unique people in different spheres and industries in Ukraine. We are willing to show a private side of the country ordinarily missed by official visiting delegations.

Results and impact

  • Attracting FDI’s and Donors;
  • Sharing Best Practices: Ukraine — is a Rising sun in Europe;
  • Boosting Growth and Promoting Entrepreneurship;
  • Peace Building and Security Improvement;
  • Unique Experience from the soul of inspired locals.

Agenda included such topics:

  • Industry Sectors and Investment Opportunities by meeting the “successful stories of Ukraine”, such as UVCA, 1991 Civic Tech Centre, Innovation Park Unit.City, Grammarly and MacPaw companies.

At the photo

MacPaw business tour

At the photo

Grammarly business-tour

  • Strengthening the Civil Society and creative industries as a key to economic growth in Ukraine;

At the photo

Meeting creative industries of Ukraine

  • Cultural and sport achievements.
  • Exploration Ukraine with its potential and get inspired by the country’s transformational process;

At the photo

Meeting with young ukrainian deputies — reformers that came into government after Revolution of Dignity

  • Connections with leading personalities and thought leaders from politics, business and society;
  • Contribution to the country development through finding solutions to its major challenges;

At the photo

Discussion during visit into Ukrainian Academy of Leadership

  • Establishment partnership with leading companies in Innovation and Technologies, Creative Industries, Social Investments, Agriculture, as well as Start-ups, Venture Capital and Private Equity funds;

At the photo

Presentation by Ukrainian Venture Capital Association about investment opportunities in Ukraine

  • Strengthening the network and connection with the Ukrainian stakeholders.

Results Ukraine Discovery Tour 2018:

  • 51 registrations
  • 15 participants
  • 19 speakers
  • 23 partners
  • 3 media partners

World Economic Forum Global Initiatives


Team leader — Max Semenchuk, elected vice-curator 2018–2019, partner of company 4ire Labs, blockchain expert.

What is project about?

My City Challenge was a global initiative intended to collect the ideas over improving the native cities of Shaper Hubs as the more GDP is concentrated in the cities the role of cities becomes on of the focuses for the change. Together with the challenge guidelines it was a set of best examples provided from all over the world from smart street lamps with cameras and wifi to reusable spaces, that are suited to many othe global good case practices, depending on the demand.


One of the main tasks of Global Shapers Kyiv Hub was organizing a dislogue with city stakeholders and interviewing them to identify the key problems / solutions in Kyiv. We also rated Kyiv readiness to 4th industrial revolution.

Our working group identified over 30 experts on city development and processed over 10 interviews. Then during the conference call we’ve discussed and summarized the findings, brainstormed solutions.

Our ratings looked pretty self-critical:

  • we estimated Visionary Leadership, Smart Regulation and Global Standards at 2 out of 5.
  • we gave to Local innovation and Public Private Cooperation 3 of 5 possible points.

Many ideas we discussed were about improving the basic services in utilities, roads and transport as we have many basic challenges that Kyiv faces today. Nevertheless, the innovation factors like closer cooperation with R&D offices, advanced IT infrastructure and supporting education and leadership were on agenda as well.


Annual Curators Meeting (Global Shapers Summit), September 2017

Geneva, Switzerland

Participant — Yulia Tuchkivskaya,

curator Global Shapers Kyiv Hub 2017–2018, executive director Aspen Institute Ukraine

World Economic Forum in Davos, January 2018

We have 4 GS Kyiv Hub shapers who participated in Davos in January, 2018. And we were happy to meet Odessa GS hub ex-curator, Anastasiia Sleptsova.

Davos participants

1. Denis Gurskiy,

Head of board Social Boost organization, founder 1991 Open Data Incubator & Ukrainian Civic Centre, open data evangelist.

2. Volodymyr Vargola,

founder of Alumni Fund Ukraine,

executive director of it company.

What is my impression about Davos Forum?

Global communications about Global trends in the Globally-connected world. That is how I can describe my first two days in Davos, during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum 2018. It is one of the best places in the world to communicate, share your ideas and meet new people. During these four days, you can speak with thousands of people from different nations during the hundreds of various events. It is extremely hard to find a similar place, where you can meet global VPs of Google, Facebook, Uber, JPMorgan Chase, Unilever in the same area and at the same time, who are discussing about the positive global changes, role models, future leaders and the power of connections.. At the same time almost everywhere, you can listen about AI, big data, machine learning and how all these technologies will change the world in the nearest future. I will end with the words that I saw in the Facebook house in Davos — ”Connections Create Opportunities”. So let’s use them.

3. Dmytro Kostik,

Founder and CEO at Kodisoft,

interactive technological tables developer

4. Alex Guzenko,

communications expert,

shares his impressions about Davos:

What is my impression about Davos Forum?

January 2018 was the first time I visited Davos during the WEF Annual Meeting. There were things I suspected, like the presence of established and emerging leaders, macro-level visionary discussions, an exorbitant number of events and activities and even everyone’s prevalent fear of missing out (FOMO). But one thing that stroke me in Davos was the impeccable time management of every individual who found himself in Davos that week. Some participants would schedule meetings for 5am, others would introduce 15 minutes time caps per conversation, some would stay awake until 2am to make sure they meet everyone at a night-cap networking activity. Even when you do simple maths here, the result is still a fraction of roughly 4,000 visitors of Davos that week.

Climate Change training (June 2018)

At the photo

Participant from GS Kyiv Hub, — Yulia Solokha, GR and advocating campaigns expert, ex-vice-curator GS Kyiv Hub.

After global training Yulia is planning to organize flashmob about climate change questions in order to spread the received information.

We met with representative World Economic Forum, Salvatore Freni

It was unforgettable year, and now we are ready for the real breakthrough in 2018–2019.

Anastasiia Klysakova,

Elected Curator 2018–2019 GS Kyiv Hub



Global Shapers Kyiv Hub

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