The coding period is coming to an end in just two weeks and it is time to slowly wrap up things. In the last two weeks, we successfully merged two big pull requests . One improved the plotting methods and the other implemented ellipse , rectangular annulus regions and custom descriptor classes for attribute validation.

Remember about the FITS Region specification that I was talking about in my last post? We decided that it would be helpful to read and write those kind of fits files in the regions package. Since the specification was sufficiently documented, i decided to give it a try here : Although there was some complications, I successfully managed to write not so ugly code. It would be ready to go with a few doc addition. In the meantime I have also written some documentation for the regions in spectral cube

The last week had been completely hectic with the reopening of the school. Now that things have settled, I will mostly try to improve the documentation and address some important TODOS (such as showing the changes in the plotting methods in the doc) before moving to anything further.