Week 9,10 Update

So, the final lap of GSoC’17 has begun with only around 15 days remaining for the work period to end.😄 I successfully cleared my second evaluation for which I am highly thankful to my mentors and also received the next 30% of the GSoC stipend. 😆 The major objective of my GSoC project to remove Smarty Template Engine has already been completed but there is a still lot more to do . Most of the remaining work is to improve the User Interface of the application and solving the frontend bugs wherever they are present. It has been an amazing journey so far and I’ve learnt so much .

It can be safely said that the last two weeks were the busiest of them all. During this period, I worked over the Menu bar of the application. This enabled me to learn KnockoutJS as LibreEHR uses a Menu-Editor in which users have the ability to customize their Navigation Bar to suit their needs. It uses KnockoutJS for Data-binding and Template-Binding.


Here is the pull request which I sent in order to make the Menu-Bar modern and responsive for handling various screen sizes.

Other than that, I had been extremely busy as my college has re-opened and setting everything up for the next academic session took some time and surely it hampered my productivity a little bit. Anyways, everything has been settled now and I can accelerate now on-wards with just 15 days remaining, although it would be a bit hectic one as I have to manage academics as well.

I have started the work to improve Flow-Board or the Patient-Tracker and expect it to be finished soon.

Till next time. Bye.

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