BrightChamps: The Window to Nextgen Skills

Mujtaba Wani
Nov 8 · 3 min read

Why GSV Ventures invested in a global startup closing the gap between school education and kids’ real skills learning needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in children globally losing an average of 72 days of school. The silver lining? With in-home learning the pandemic has helped many parents to better understand what their kids are learning in school. Ravi Bhushan, CEO and founder of BrightChamps, sat at home with his own children during lockdown and realized firsthand how school curriculums lack critical skills. He launched BrightChamps in August 2020 to make sure his own kids and those around the world have that knowledge.

“We exist to bridge the gap between school education and kids’ real learning needs. We aim to empower students to be technologically, financially, and socially smart.” — Founder, Ravi Bhushan

In February 2021, Arpit Jain (longtime friend of GSV and CEO of Splashlearn) introduced us to Ravi. When we met Ravi we were immediately impressed by his clarity of vision. Today we are glad to announce that we led BrightChamps’ $63M financing alongside Premji Invest, with participation from BEENEXT and Flipkart co-founder Binny Bansal’s 021 Capital. BrightChamps is now valued at nearly half a billion dollars.

The platform launched with courses on technology skills and will soon expand to other subjects. BrightChamps is a global company poised to deliver access to real learning skills to students around the world. The team is based in Bangalore and employs almost 1,000 teachers across several countries. These instructors teach 10,000 paid learners across North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Ravi is a graduate of IIT-Varanasi. He previously led product for seven years at At its peak, his previous company received 27M monthly organic visitors. Ravi has scaled two startups to growth stage businesses. In addition, many of BrightChamps’ employees are IIT graduates who previously worked at and/or founded startups. The team boasts a best-in-class Glassdoor rating with 92% of employees saying they would recommend the company to a friend.

The BrightChamps platform leverages Invisible Learning to teach technological skills and mathematical thinking. The aim of the approach is to nurture the inner potential of kids. BrightChamps’ methodology relies on play-based learning: students learn about design and app development by building games. The platform already includes features like personalized learning journeys, quizzing and parental dashboards.

Although online learning has experienced massive tailwinds globally in the last year, the majority of attention has gone to expensive, academic platforms. BrightChamps offers non-academic education at disruptive prices. The company targets middle income families globally. The population of kids between the ages of 5–17, with internet access and enough purchasing power, is over 20M in just the Middle East and Southeast Asia. India and the US have another 100M students that could be potential users.

“BrightChamps is a poster child for a high ROE (Return on education) company and is leading the disruptive wave which will make India one of the largest exporters of transformative digital education.” — Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner at GSV Ventures

Since launching in August, BrightChamps has grown at an astonishing pace. Initial customer feedback is strong: completion rates over 90%, renewals over 80%, and NPS over 70. Most impressively, the company has managed to grow with best-in-class unit economics for its category. GSV Ventures is thrilled to partner with Ravi and the entire BrightChamps team as they deliver critical next-generation skills to families around the world.

This piece is co-authored by Thea Knobel, Vice President of Platform & Marketing at GSV Ventures.

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