Quizizz: The World’s Most Engaging Learning Platform

Mujtaba Wani
GSV Ventures
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4 min readMar 30, 2021


How do you educate, engage, and entertain students at the same time? Make learning a game. Gamified learning is not only more fun, but also more effective. Quizizz is a gamified learning platform replacing traditional worksheets and paper-based assessments with engaging, interactive, and individualized digital quizzes. The platform leverages the learning science of Invisible Assessment to maximize learning efficacy as a Weapon of Mass Instruction. The Bangalore and Santa Monica based company has built a product used by 70M users in 100+ countries globally and in over 65% of schools in the US.

We are excited to be partnering with co-founders Ankit Gupta and Deepak Cheenath by participating in Quizizz’s $12.5 million Series A funding round. New investors Eight Roads Ventures and Rocketship VC, as well as existing investors Nexus Venture Partners and Prime Venture Partners, are committed to helping Quizizz become the leading global gamified learning platform. GSV evaluates EdTech opportunities by using a 5Ps framework: People, Product, Potential, Predictability and Purpose. Quizizz astounds across all of these categories.

EdTech Entrepreneurs

Quizizz was co-founded by CEO Ankit Gupta and Deepak Cheenath (former Flipkart, Google, Amazon alumni) who previously founded another EdTech startup together. They came to the idea for the company by reflecting on their own middle school days when they had trouble learning from traditional classroom lessons. They founded Quizizz in 2015 and the traction since has affirmed the demand for engaging, effective learning. In the beginning, Ankit, a game lover and health nut, challenged himself to swim laps based on the company’s growth. He kept up with the challenge at first. Now with almost 3x year-over-year growth, he admits he has dropped the swim challenge.

“All of our growth has happened via word of mouth, where we have kept our focus on working really close with our users and they end up being our marketing for us. We focus on empowering teachers with independent study solutions and supplemental curriculum to help students.” — Ankit Gupta, Co-founder & CEO

Product Designed for Learning Efficacy

Quizizz’s product uses Invisible Learning to make learning more engaging and effective. The technology is built on learning methods popularized by Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. Deep learning is not the result of simplistic memorization — rather, it comes from self-testing, increasing difficulties in practice, reviewing after some time has passed, and interweaving different topics together. Quizizz leverages the learning science of space repetition in its structure to maximize learning efficacy.

Quizizz benefits students as well as teachers. The platform allows teachers to make their own materials or to use content from Quizizz’s library, which has been populated by over one million unique teachers. The interactive lessons generate instant student feedback without needing to be graded by hand. On top of lesson development tools, Quizizz equips teachers and students with analytics that empowers them to track learning progress. Quizizz aims to be the leading gamified learning platform in K-12, higher education, and corporate learning. The platform now supports more than 70 million users per month. Users love it, as demonstrated by the teacher NPS score of 82.

Adopted by Teachers, Businesses, and Nonprofits

Engaging learning is a growing global market driven by demand from educators, enterprises and consumers. Quizizz’s product is relevant to 85 million teachers internationally, representing a $5B opportunity. In addition, the platform has potential in the $38B[1] enterprise learning market, where it is already gaining traction. The startup’s impressive corporate customer roster includes Amazon, Capital One, Audi, Proctor & Gamble, and Virgin Media.

Growing 3x Globally

Quizizz is already a Weapon of Mass Instruction, positively impacting millions of students and teachers today. The platform has 70M monthly active users and 850k active teachers. Quizizz nearly tripled in 2020. Furthermore, Quizizz is truly a global company, offering content in 183 languages and 100 countries.

We are excited to join Ankit, Deepak and the investors from Prime, Nexus, Rocketship and Eight Roads on this journey as Quizizz brings engaging, effective learning to millions of people across the globe.

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, Vice President of Platform & Marketing at GSV Ventures.

[1] Corporate E-Learning Market by End-users, Deployment, and Geography — Forecast and Analysis 2020–2024 (Technavio)