Sexual Harassment Training Your Team Actually Enjoys

Meet Ethena, the SaaS startup making compliance, dare we say, fun.

Every year, companies endure the song-and-dance of harassment prevention training. Managers rush through cheesy videos to make their compliance deadline in time and get back to their growing work stack. Despite the glitz and glam of tech offices worldwide, harassment prevention programming is stuck in an era long before the #MeToo movement.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “40% of women and 16% of men say they’ve been sexually harassed at work — a number that, remarkably, has not changed since the 1980s.”

When leaders invest more into catered lunch or the newest gizmo than training, companies signal a superficial commitment to their employees. Half-heartedly clicking through slides and acting out scenarios is not conducive to creating a safe and supportive workplace. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that this lack of effort signals to workers that preventing harassment isn’t a priority for their employer, only avoiding a lawsuit is.