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1. What is AFEN?

With the vision to become the leader of African Blockchain-related collaborations, AFEN focuses on Decentralized Finance, Arts, Real Estate and Education.

The difference that makes the project successful is the strong link with the government to legalize the projects. Using blockchain to transitive the origin of Arts, Real Estate and Education will help investors feel more secure and willing to invest.

2. What field is the project aiming at?

2.1 AFEN & Education

AFEN aims to expose more people to crypto and support careers in Blockchain technology. This is achieved by increasing the number of new users and startups to enter training in areas of their interests. All AFEN certifications from the cryptocurrency education platform will be in NFT format.

2.2 AFEN & Real Estate

One of AFEN’s goals is to revolutionize the real estate industry by authenticating home ownership and making peer-to-peer asset sales possible on the Blockchain.

This will reduce the overall cost of property acquisition and also benefit land inheritance after death.

2.3 AFEN & Arts

AFEN wants to create an mainstream art movement that democratizes the creation, possession and discovery of local art.

With its platforms, AFEN will digitize ownership through NFT on the Binance smart chain. These ERC721 standard tokens will represent the sole ownership of an asset with peer-to-peer transaction capabilities.

3. AFEN Token in Ecosystem


By placing AFEN tokens over a period of time, users can earn rewards based on the interest accrued over their locked period.

With AFEN Tokens, instead of using the traditional savings method where interest is earned based on the date of deposit, users can stake their tokens on a system that works like a certificate of deposit. For example, if a user wants to stake their token for six (6) months, they will earn a percentage of interest, but if they choose to stake for one year then they will earn more

Cash Back On Transactions

When our users participate in transactions using AFEN tokens on our platform or partner platforms, we will return them between 1% and 2% of their spending at the end of a tracking period.

Art — NFT Marketplace Payment

When users conducting their transactions using AFEN tokens on our NFTs marketplace, they will receive a Percentage discount on transaction fees.Users also have the option of paying in other cryptocurrencies for the full transaction fees.

Educational Incentives

In the event that an educator uploads their course (s) to our platform, they will get incentives for every course completion that their content holds.

Real Estate Payment

Users can choose to purchase real estates that are listed through AFEN and receive a percentage discount on transaction fees. Money is escrowed when selling and tax is paid to the government. Ownership is transferred to the buyer upon confirmation of all requirements.


If a user introduces another user to our platform, the user (referrer) will receive an allocation of certain transaction fees we earn from the user (s) for whom they have introduced and participated.

4. Team

5. Timeline

5.1. The project was established early and it was not until 4/2021 that it revealed its products.

5.2 Twitter established on November 2010

5.3 Twitter currently has 7K3 Followers

6. Partners

Partners are not outstanding and big enough in the current market, except for Justliquidity.

7. Roadmap

8. Tokenomics

  • Token name : AFEN
  • Ticker : AFEN
  • Blockchain : BSC
  • Token Standard : ERC721
  • Contract address: 0xd0840d5f67206f865aee7cce075bd4484cd3cc81
  • Supply : 850,000,000 AFEN

9. Token Allocation

10. Community

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