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AMA Recap: GTA Ventures x NetVRk

On June 15th, Mr. Dan Kennedy — Chief Marketing Officer with GTA Ventures hosted an AMA live session at GTA Trading Community.

NetVRk is a convenient multi-functional platform with a user-friendly interface. Everyone can easily create their own fully immersive VR worlds and experiences, using NetVRk’s state of the art sandbox. NetVRk allows you to easily create, share, and monetize your creations.

We really appreciate your time and dedication to our community. This post includes a recap of the live AMA session and features the questions asked by community members, as well as the answers.

Part 1: Introduction

1. Could you please introduce yourselves to the chat? Why do you create Netvrk?

Hello, I am Dan Kennedy, the Chief Marketing Officer of Netvrk. My background is in marketing and real estate, as well as in the music and entertainment industry.

Our team is comprised of Michael Katseli, our CEO. His background is in engineering and game and tech development. Our COO Linus Chee, has a background in graphics and game design, and is a gifted artist. Our CAO is Jonathan Wernick, who is a Chartered Accountant that also has a legal background.

You can view our entire team at

Our team consists of over 10 people at the moment, with varying areas of expertise.

We created Netvrk to establish a crypto metaverse, that allows users to monetize their creations, as well as participate in education, business, and gaming in a metaverse setting.

Decentraland has done a great job being the first crypto metaverse, but has many limitations. We’ve set out to create a truly universal platform, that allows users to do almost anything they want. Our metaverse has a higher level of interaction, engagement, and of course, graphics.

2. Can you please also share a quick overview about Netvrk?

Netvrk is built on the Unreal Engine, and can be accessed via PC or VR headset. Soon, it will also be available for mobile. As a metaverse, users can explore, create, and engage many experiences and games. This ranges from education, to business, to socializing, and games. We have an intuitive sandbox editor that allows users to create assets and mint them as NFTs. These can then be deployed or put up for sale on the Netvrk marketplace, or a third party marketplace such as OpenSea.

3. What is the vision and mission of Netvrk?

The vision and mission of Netvrk is to make it possible for people to do things in a virtual environment, taking full advantage of the blockchain technology, and a visually rich platform. Users can create a storefront and sell items, or participate in a college course, or meet up with their favorite music artist.

The virtual world makes it so anyone can become a part of it, and built their own vision on it. With virtual land ownership, users can make their creations permanent, living on the blockchain forever

Part 2: The question from GTA to NetVRk

1. How old is Netvrk? What are the major plans ahead? Could you show us image of your roadmap?

Netvrk is over 4 years in development. Games have a very long development cycle, compared to normal crypto projects. Our major plans include our upcoming virtual land sale. We will be holding a land presale on several launchpads, and then have the land public sale on venues such as OpenSea, in an auction format.

Once the land sale is complete, the next milestone is the launching of the platform, which is slated for this year. During this time, we will continue to onboard partners, unveil the governance model, and much more.

2. Your foundation idea is very new, so it takes a lot of formula and takes a long time to develop. This must have a tricky point for you? Do you agree that the strength of the community will lead NetVRK project to grow globally?

Good things take time, and a good platform takes time to develop. Yes, our community is central to our growth, evolution, and success. Netvrk was born out of the wants and needs of the community. They tell us what they want, and we build it. With a great community, that has grown exponentially in the last few months since our TGE on May 21st, we’re very positive on what the future holds. The key is to working with the community, and listening to their needs.

3. On your site you said Netvrk will create a game which all asset in game are NFT and user can use PC and VR. Can you explain more detail about your game, how is the gameplay? How user possible to get and mint NFT in that game?

The Netvrk platform has a sandbox editor that enables users to create assets, and then mint those assets info NFTs. Assets can be anything from buildings, vehicles, to character accessories.

These NFTs can then be deployed on the user’s virtual land or sold on the Netvrk Marketplace

Here’s a great preview of what the virtual world will look like. In particular, Ferrum’s land and the Ferrum Castle.

Thank you! It’s going to become even more beautiful, as we transition into Unreal Engine 5, which features photorealistic graphics!

4. Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project. What is the way to generate profit from your token?

Our native token $NTVRK will be used to purchase land, in addition to paying for experiences, games, and NFT assets. Also, Netvrk will have a whole advertising network inside of the platform, that allows users to earn revenue.

Netvrk has multiple revenue streams to capitalize on, and allows users to participate in this economy as well. The Play To Earn model is central to our virtual world.

5. Staking” is one of the strategies to attract users and hold them long term. Does your great project have plan about Staking?

We unveiled our staking on, a little over a week ago. We’re happy to report all three of those pools, including a 2 year — staking pool, are now full! We’ve also partnered with UniFarm for 90 day staking cohorts, that went live yesterday. You can learn more about it here

Part 3: live questions

1. Netvrk is a social VR platform on blockchain with tools to monetize their creation, also you create token name with NETVRK token. Can you mention what are the function of your token inside your platform? Do we possible to stake or farm that token?

Yes. $NTVRK can be used to purchase NFTs as well as virtual land, and pay for experiences and games.

We have some truly innovative staking and farming that will take place inside of the actual Netvrk platform, that involves physical movement. Stay tuned!

2. What are the quality & attractive features does your project consist of which attracts users to participate in your project?

The ability to own virtual land and earn inside of the Netvrk platform is amazing. A whole Play to Earn economy will exist for users to capitalize on.

Part 4: Minigame

1. Netvrk Channel | How many members are there on telegram officially?


2. Please list the lastest name of 3 Partners that Netvrk announced

Derace, Charli3, Game starter

3. What news did the Netvrk Announcement Channel on telegram announce recently?

Partnership: NetVRk x Game Starter

4. At this time, how many followers does Twitter Netvrk have?


5. When did the NetVRk project start?




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