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AMA: RIFI United x GTA Ventures

On November 3rd, Ngan Chu — CMO from RiFi United with GTA Ventures hosted an AMA live session at GTA Trading Community.

RIFI United is the soccer manager simulator. It is leagues ahead of other online soccer manager games, thanks to its unique gaming depth providing lasting fun for players.

Part 1: Introduction

1) Can you introduce yourself to our community?

My name is Ngan, CMO of Rikkei Finance. Great to meet you all today!

With Rikkei Finance, I aim to provide better solutions for the users, enhancing their experience and encourage greater participation.

2. Can you provide us with a brief description about Rikkei Finance & RIFI United?

Rikkei Finance is a revolutionary DeFi protocol that aims to remove existing stumbling blocks of the DeFi space with the core features: Cross-chain support, NFTs collateralization, and P2P Insurance. It utilizes blockchain tech that enables cross-chain integration, meaning it can accept digital assets that operate on any blockchain network and render it at an equivalent rate, making them a real-time currency exchange network as well. Rikkei Finance successfully raised the initial funding of $5.6M to build the lending protocol.

RIFI United, a product of Rikkei Finance, is nurtured with the aim of allowing users to utilize RIFI future cross-staking and cross-NFT programs, as well as expedite NFT lending feature. The product is a stepping-stone for RIFI to accomplish our mission to bring competitive advantages to users. RIFI United is a soccer manager simulator, built with a unique game depth to provide lasting enjoyment for players. The core of RIFI United is a vast and complicated match calculation system that provides perfect realism and the proper level of competitiveness among Premier League supporters. As a play-to-earn game, RIFI United users can enjoy playing RIFI United while earning $RU /ru/ tokens from trading, staking, winning matches or betting.

Part 2: Pre-select questions

  1. RIFI United is an NFT blockchain game. Most NFT games only focus on profits with P2E, as this is one of the major attractions of blockchain games. So, does RIFI United focus more on the player experience in and out of the games to create a balance for playing and winning?

Talking about this, I’m quite sure we can create the balance between playing and winning for users. The reason for this is: It is combined by both the traditional football game and the NFT function in the blockchain industry.
- The game is for anyone with huge enthusiasm in traditional football: Every user can play the role of both a manager and a coach, even a powerful club boss whose squad comprises animal football players, aka NFT players. Your goal is to emerge as the league champion by utilizing the strengths and weaknesses of your NFT athletes to increase your odds of scoring goals. You can also track your team’s performance, join soccer tournaments and even upgrade your facilities.
- Excitingly, RIFI United isn’t just for pleasure; it may also make you profit just from the P2E mechanism: With a dynamic farming system and an active market, every activity in RIFI United may result in a player prize with tokens. RIFI United users can enjoy playing the game while earning $RU /ru/ tokens from trading, staking, winning matches or betting.

2. In RIFI United we may be the owners of football clubs, but as far as I understand that, we can also own land and players. Does this mean we can build our own Stadium and become presidents of our own football team? In that case, how can we make money from it?

Yes you are right! As a RIFI United soccer manager, there are many activities for you to be involved in the game:
- You can form your dream team: You will have to deeply understand your NFT players who have their own unique strengths, weaknesses, specialties to set them in the most suitable position in the squad, increasing your odds of scoring a goal. Perhaps you will have the greatest trio ever, similar to Messi-Neymar-Suarez.
- You can train and track the performance of the teams: The high-skilled NFT players can bring soccer managers to tournament prizes or raise their prices in the marketplace. As a Soccer Manager, you can put your squad into training sessions to level up their skills and or join several tournaments to gain winning awards.
- You can take part in soccer tournaments: You need to analyze your competitors’ strategy and assess your players’ form to develop the best plan for your match!
- You can have fun with the betting system: At the beginning of the season, each team will have a chance to “bet”/contribute to the reward. All of it goes to the top three teams at the end of the season.
- You can buy/upgrade your facilities: Everything is in your control, from building your stadium into a big venue to prepare parking slots and other utilities, ensuring that the players could have the best training and the fans could have top-notch matches to cheer on.
- You can participate in the NFT market: NFT soccer player in RIFI United is not just a card, but a virtual player which could be transferred in the marketplace to form a better-skilled team. Also, you can buy or sell types of training packages or equipment packages in our one and only marketplace.

and yep RIFI United isn’t just for pleasure; it may also make you money just from Play to Earn mechanism: With a dynamic farming system and an active market, every activity in RIFI United may result in a player prize with tokens.

Furthermore, there are several ways for you to make profit simply by playing. You may sell football shirts/kits or match tickets; you can upgrade the stadium to accommodate more spectators; or your team can even earn a higher rank to compete with formidable opponents, making your matches thrilling to attract more fans and sponsors and raise your ticket and souvenir sales volume.

Also, if you have a high-skilled dream team and believe they will win the top 3 of the league, bet a larger amount into the Bounty for a greater prize at the end of the season.

These are only a few ideas for increasing your earnings. It all depends on your business mindset and the way you manage your team.

3. Which area are you focusing on at the moment? (DeFi, Stake,Dapps..Yield Farming,,NFTs,,Gameing) and what is your goals in this year ?

For now, we are focusing on launching RIFI United, which is our NFT Gaming product. We are going to conduct RIFI IDO and listing right after launching RU.

Once RIFI token is listed, all of our products including the vault, the market analysis, and lending protocol will go live.

Actually they are now all available on BSC mainnet, just wait for the RIFI token listing to roll-out all of them. You can try at

4. Can you explain to us how to purchase your token? Will you have private sale and public sale event?

As RIFI United will hold a FAIR LAUNCH of $RU on Nov 9 on KrystalGO launchpad. As it is a fair launch, there will be no allocation for VCs and the team. Therefore, if you succeed in getting whitelisted, you’ll be able to purchase at the lowest possible price at $0.005 per RU (no private/seed rounds). If you are not in the whitelisted winner list, you can purchase $RU by staking KNC and trading on Krystal after IDO launch.

Details for RU IDO Participation, pls click here:

5. Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of Token?

“The total supply is 1,000,000,000 RU while the initial circulating supply is 97,000,000 RU.

IDO price is $0.005 per RU.

Regarding the allocation, it is distributed for Rewards (50%), Community (30%), and Liquidity + Early Bird (20%).

There’s no allocation for the team, foundation, or marketing advisors, as we want to show our commitment to build and develop a sustainable ecosystem for RIFI United and Rikkei Finance. You can check RU tokenomics via this link:

Money is not the first priority for it. The good product, the community and the concept of NFT lending are our targets for this one.
About the token utilities, RU will maintain substantial influence in the functioning of RIFI United ecosystem.The RU token is expected to have 2 key utilities: payment and earning.

In terms of payment, RU can be exploited with the following purposes: Transferring NFT players; Offering soccer players’ wages; Paying for equipment & treatment; Purchasing training packages. Regarding earning, users can utilize RU to: Trade; Sell tickets and football souvenirs; Stake to acquire NFT; Win the matches.

Just wanna share with you guys our trailer 😊Subscribe and give us a thumbs up guys:



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