How to easily encrypt your emails in Gmail

Protect your Gmail emails with a extra layer of vigilance

More than often many of us happen to receive most of our confidential data/information on mails, so there’s a chance of forcible breach and hence hampering your privacy.

Gmail, by default encrypts your emails end-to-end but it’s not cent percent safe and your mails can still be breached into.

In case the recipient is not a Gmail user or may be either of the ends might be using a third party tool, and in this case the E2E encryption doesn’t apply.

Adding to this, Gmail team can always see your encrypted mails. As they have access to the unencrypted raw data from your gmail accounts. So in case you are not comfortable with this happening to your accounts, there are two extensions that will get this job done.

One important thing to know here is that the extension will encrypt only the textual part of your emails, nothing from the attachments.

Not taking much of your time, let me bring your attention to the two extensions.

Secure Mail for Gmail

Secure Mail for Gmail lets you secure the emails sent over gmail and ensure 100% irreversible encryption that even the developers cannot access, unlike Google. However, there are some demands from developer that needs to be met in order for the encryption to carry out rightly.

  1. The recipient must be a Gmail user.
  2. The recipient must have this extension installed (smart move)

Once installed, the extension adds a “Padlock” next to Compose button. You can start typing the body and the mail will be transmitted encrypted.

Type the email and click “Send Encrypted” button when you’re done.

You will be needed to add a password from your end and also provide the same to receiving gmail account to decrypt. It’s highly recommended to have a really strong password, strong enough to avoid hacking it up.

Adding to this, there’s a section to add hint to the password that you’ve set. You can use this to let the receiver guess the password and in case this doesn’t work you can call up the person and share it.

Once sent, the receiver will need to enter the password and decrypt it.


Snapmail is exact copy of Secure Mail for Gmail but with a surprise. This extension deletes the encrypted mail from the receiver’s end within 60 seconds once read.

No passwords, no backups. The encryption password is automatically generated and added in the link.

Once you install it, you will see the “Snapmail” button to send the encrypted mail. And email will be sent to recipient with a link to encrypted mail in it.

once you send it the email content will be destroyed within 60 seconds of opening the email.

To conclude this post, I found the first extension pretty useful and decent. Snapmail is no doubt smart and secure but it leaves even the sender and receiver in dilemma of having a copy of that email.

Over to you, what do you think of these extensions? Did you find this Gmail Trick useful?

If yes then share this content in your network to secure their emails too.

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