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72 Hours in Osaka

By Angelica Gomez

The summer of 2019 was when I finally visited Osaka, Japan. As the taxi drove down the nearly empty streets, I leaned toward the window and examined the city’s golden specks of light that glimmered against a black abyss-like sky. It was almost midnight, and the city was asleep. Many of the stores were closed, except for the occasional 7-Eleven’s we passed by, their windows giving off white fluorescent light. My family had planned this 3-day detour in Japan before heading back to our one-month vacation in the Philippines, so I had about 72 hours to make the most out of my stay in Osaka.

After getting dropped off by two taxis, my family and I trailed our luggage into the lobby of the apartment building we were staying in. The lobby was devoid of people other than us, with a tall lamp and a watercolor garden on canvas hanging on the wall. As excited as we were to each claim our bedrooms and rest from the tiresome travel, we had trouble figuring out where to get the key. As if we were in some escape room, my family and I contacted the apartment owner and scoured the lobby for places where the key could have been in. Funnily enough, it turned out that the owner left the key in an unlocked mailbox assigned to our apartment number. That’s enough adventure for today, I thought. Once we finally unlocked the apartment, I dragged myself up the stairs, chose the nearest bedroom, and, with gratitude, fell into a deep slumber.

Photo by Agathe Marty on Unsplash

My favorite moment during our stay in Japan was the day before we had to leave Osaka. My family and I had to visit the city’s well-known tourist destination: Dotonburi. I gazed in awe at the bright LED screens towering over people making their way through the streets lined with a diverse array of food, clothing, and souvenir shops. Of course, the food was the highlight of our trip to Dotonburi. From Takoyaki, mozzarella hotdogs, Kobe beef, candied strawberries, Nama Royce chocolate to cloud-like cheesecakes, I reveled in the cuisines that I could not get ahold of before my arrival in Osaka.

The sun had finally set, and as our trip to Osaka was about to come to an end, my eyes held onto my surroundings before I had to say goodbye to these sights. A woman biked her way down the street, and the undulating canal reflects off a distorted version of brightly lit advertisements mounted stories high onto buildings. Indecipherable chatters permeated through the park, and gusts of wind provided coolness to my skin. Even if I am no longer there, the city of Osaka will continue to exist, and Dotonburi will continue to live as lively as I had seen it.

About the Author: Angelica Gomez is a freshman from Guam majoring in Mechanical Engineering. One of her favorite travel destinations is Osaka, Japan, because of the opportunity to explore a variety of landmarks and food.



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