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Food is Always the Mood in Ithaca

By Jessie Greenstein

It is important to recognize that not all travel necessitates a flight ticket or carry-on. Sometimes, the most meaningful travel can occur in the places closest to us. One of the most amazing parts of traveling includes tasting all the new foods and cuisines a destination has to offer. Whether sampling an array of cheeses in France or digging into fried chicken in Nashville, each spot has its own staples.

Ithaca, a city of its own, is filled with delicious foods and spots that any local student, visitor, or even tourist must try. Here is my top 5:

  1. Gola Osteria: Offering classic staples of Italian cuisine, be certain that you will feel as though you are in Italy. With an array of different pastas, meats, and salads, the menu is nothing short of amazing options. While enjoying the creamy taste of cacio and pepe, one can enjoy the calm and serene environment. It’s a great escape to enjoy a nice meal with great company and even better food.
  2. Bickering Twins: Who doesn’t love guacamole? Featuring delicious tacos and fajitas, this Mexican food is sure to wow you! Ensure you can handle the spice with these flavors! This restaurant offers a free selection of pickled onions, salsa, and other toppings to throw on your meal. Whether searching for a spicy chipotle aioli chicken taco, cilantro shrimp, or vegetarian hoorah, this restaurant has you covered. The atmosphere is nothing but fun and vibrant, taking any guest away from their outside worries.
  3. Plum Tree: I get it, sushi is a tough find here. Although no sushi in Ithaca may satiate your search for fresh salmon or yellowtail, this will be the best you can get. The restaurant makes sure to blast its unique playlist, featuring some of today’s top hits as well as some great throwbacks like Sweet Caroline. Sure to be surrounded by all your classmates, dorm neighbors, and friends, be sure to come ready to socialize!
  4. Mix: This spot can give you both the fun and classy vibes. Your pick. Coming here once with friends and another time with family, this restaurant is versatile in meeting any guest’s needs. Enjoy a hot ramen bowl if you want a meal for yourself or share some avocado toast and sliders if you’re in the sharing mood. Offering a wide array of dishes, you will feel overwhelmed by the menu in the best way possible. You will enjoy the MIX that this restaurant has to offer!
  5. Souvlaki House: Although I have only been there once, the combination of the Greek and Italian food you find here certainly will blow you away. Go with friends and split all the good finds this restaurant has: cheese pizza, chicken souvlaki platter, chicken parm, greek salad, and so much more, you will leave here with full stomachs and great laughter. The restaurant’s design is extremely old-fashioned, featuring old fraternity and sorority compositions, so be certain to cherish this unique atmosphere. Finally, the staff is friendly and accommodating and you will certainly feel at home here. Without a question, Souvlaki House will be a place you, and I, will return to!

The list can go on and on about where to find the best food in Ithaca. Clearly, one does not need to venture far to feel like they can be tourists in trying new foods. Because, clearly, great food exists here.

Photo by Will Barkoff on Unsplash

About the Author: Jessie Greenstein is a freshman from Chappaqua, NY, in the ILR School. One of her favorite travel destinations is Singapore because of its unique architecture and cuisine.



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