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Master of Communication, Culture and Technology (CCT)@Present

Graduate candidate at Georgetown University, focused on US-Taiwan policies, election and media.


Bachelor of Journalism and Communication@September 2015-June 2019

Performed extensive research on political communication and rhetoric studies; earned 96/100 in “The Political Economy of Communication”, 95/100 in “International Relations and Communication”, 92/100 in “Theories of rhetoric”, and 90/100 in “Rhetorical Criticism of Social Movements”

Editor for student media, led 7 members in covering 42 political local news items in “Hsinchuang Report” and 9 members in completing 72 cultural reports in “”; coordinated with supervisors and journalists


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)

Communication Specialist in Press and Information Department@September 2019- February 2020

Designed 5 TV coverages and hosted 3 press conferences that included promoting 7 youth legislator candidates to raise awareness among youth participation in politics, attracting 250 journalists and over 50 coverages

Produced 20+ official press releases for president Tsai Ing-Wen and 30+ for party chairman Cho Jung-Tai; managed relations with journalists, facilitating over 30 interviews with presidential press; set the tone for later press releases

Dealt with crisis measures while Taiwan ceased diplomatic relations with Republic of Kiribati; negotiated with supervisors of DPP and listed key points for the legislator and deputy secretary-general; arranged emergency press conferences, completing arrangements in 2 hours

Collected daily opinions from the public and proposed potential response to attract attention or solidify the party’s stance

NPOst, Associate of Digital Culture Taiwan (ADCT)

Contributing Reporter@May 2019- July 2020

Published 15 investigatory reports focusing on the impact of technology on local culture, NGOs and startup organizations. With one of the reports “The Dialectic between Technology and Tradition, Arousing Self-sovereign in Tribes” attracting 1,121 likes and 45 shares

Consolidated insights in the digitalization and transformation of NGO, editing 20+ translations from Oxfam, Harvard Business, Non-Profit Tech for Good, etc. for NGO as references

Organized 2019 annual forum” Give Good deeds the Digital Mobilization, and we will move the earth!”, attracting an audience of over 400; arranged talks with a series of reporters on the digitalization of and civil engagement in Taiwan’s NGOs

International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT)

Intern, Video Editor@June 2018-May 2019

Programmed the “Asia Nation Show”, the most popular podcast talking about music in South Asia in Taiwan; shot and cut weekly news vlogs on Taiwanese politics, entertainment and culture, attracting over 3,000 views on FB and YouTube on average


Mentee in News Department@May 2018-July 2018

Collaborated with journalists to produce “Taipei Mayor Says Island ‘Just a Product on a Shelf’ for Trump”

Synthesized effort of officials, a Taishin banker, and a Bloomberg journalist, helping the reporter to finish “Taiwan Seeks Jump from Worst to First in Anti-Money Laundering”

Taiwan Fact Checking Center

Research Intern@August 2017-February 2018

Collaborated with Facebook Taiwan Branch to implement news checking project, checking 20 sources of disinformation in total over 7 months

Assisted in setting up SOP for checking operations through analyzing PolitiFact, Grassware, Google fact check, etc.; found bugs in checking operations and refined the definition of the misinformation and disinformation

Cheers Magazine

Intern, Digital Marketing Specialist@September 2016-June 2017

Synthesized daily technological news and posted updates on the official Facebook fan page for the Institute for Information Industry, attracting 50,000 fans in 10 months

Edited HTML; collected and analyzed user experience and user interface; assisted engineers in developing Cheers Magazine app in 3 weeks as a paid service for members


Reports and Comments

An Analysis of the Sightseeing Business in Taiwan based on the Torii at Sun Moon Lake (Published in Liberty Net, 2016.12.06, awarded “CCU Department of Communication News Festival: Top News Comment” in 2017)

Sugar in One Hand, Lawsuit File in the Other: 2 Years after the Strike in China Airlines, the Company still Neglects the Arbitration (Published in The Reporter, 2018.06.22, devoted 3 months toward conducting the investigatory report; published on the most prominent platform The Reporter, attracting 1024 likes and 116 shares)

The Dialectic between Technology and Tradition, Arousing Self-sovereign in Tribes (Published in NPOst, 2019.09.23)


Verbal and Non-verbal Language in Global Protest — — Anti-capitalism Protests Outside G20 Summit (2019.01.19)

National Imagery of Dihua Street from Nostalgic Media (2019.01.11)

The Political Meanings of the List of Donated Books from AIT to Public Libraries in Taiwan (2019.06.19)


Let’s News

Let’s News is a student network among universities devoted to promoting media literacy concepts to society.

Editor in Chief

Led the group in joining Zashare, the biggest international exhibition for innovative education in Taiwan accumulating 20,000 visits in two days with more than 500 groups in attendance; designed the capacity building courses for 50 members

Editing comments which cover Taiwan’s culture, politics, energy, history and media literacy


Represented the Honor Guard of Hsinchu Girls Senior High School, performing in National Day celebrations for rural elementary school students

Traffic Service Team in Hsinchu Girls Senior High School, reaching 40 hours in service hours

Media Literacy Program for more than 400 senior high school students, designing the courses to reflect media issues; held more than 20 speeches across 5 senior high schools and national library



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