Chapter 12: Joyla flirts

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Joyla and Rex were gloriously, euphorically sweaty. They stared at one another, breathing deeply, almost panting.

Then Joyla thrust her hanbō forward in a rapid, spiraling form, torso diving low, left leg extended behind her, whistling past his guard and into his sternum. She pulled it, ever so slightly. Rex’ eyes widened as his body collapsed beneath him, his diaphragm in spasms, his lungs empty, tremors running through his limbs.

Joyla stepped back. Bowed, then slipped down to sit cross-legged and await his…




In the near future in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, climate change is making the legendary creatures of China angry enough to take drastic measures. Follow the schemes and seductions of dragons, Tesla-driving gods and immortal humans as they fight in the shadows.

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Michael Barnard

Michael Barnard

Advisor Agora & ELECTRON. Founder distnc & TFIE. Publish on low-carbon transformation and related politics.

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