Chapter 41: A man feels fear

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A man, pale of skin and blue of eye, sat in a bar. An India Pale Ale sat in front of him. It wasn’t his first. It wouldn’t be his last. He needed the solace of alcohol, the fuzzy-brained optimism, the suppressing of bodily excitement it afforded.

Kaa was nervous. Kaa was worried about failure. Kaa felt like he was in an ad for erectile dysfunction, the worried ‘before’ caricature, as opposed to the dancing, whistling and singing ‘after’ caricature. This was unusual. The willful magic that kept him young, kept him toned with little…



In the near future in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, climate change is making the legendary creatures of China angry enough to take drastic measures. Follow the schemes and seductions of dragons, Tesla-driving gods and immortal humans as they fight in the shadows.

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